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Men’s Grooming 101: The Beard

13 Sep

There is something so regal and undeniably sexy about a man with a beard… It gives off a simple allure that is intriguing. Fellas women appreciate a man who is well kempt.  Keeping your facial hair in line is a MUST!!!!!  That includes handling any razor bumps, patches and dark spots. Remember we are carnal creatures and unfortunately we are attracted by our physical attributes first… So I have included a video by Bumpender to keep your beard  and face fresh along with a few looks to gain inspiration.


Simply Studded

 Lloyd is showing off his neatly lined and trimmed full face beard.

Omari got that 5′ 0 clock shadow going on and he wears it well!

Rick Ross representing that Philly look, but notice it’s neatly trimmed.

Will has that salt and pepper look mixed with a little bit of scruffiness but it looks sophisticated.

Usher has a neat, clean and simple look that is alluring.