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Conversations With “Joe Show”: Respect

19 Sep

“Simply Eye Candy: Jodell aka Joe Show”

During our monthly girls’ night, this age old question was asked and it left all of us adding our own feeling of what we think a man would say.  In a room full of educated and opinionated women it never occurred to us that maybe we need to ask a man this question.  I didn’t know where to start and to be honest how to even begin to answer this question, so I solicited a good friend of mine Jodell (AKA Joe Show). I figured a man’s point of view would be greatly appreciated. I want to start off by saying that Jodell wants everyone to know that he does not speak for all men, but I think it’s great to hear what he thinks on this topic.

Jodell agreed to meet me at this trendy after work spot in Manhattan.  Over a great meal and some drinks I had the pleasure of getting to know Jodell some more. His great personality, sexy eyes, and welcoming smile made this more of a conversation which made me extremely comfortable. He is damn right SEXY…… Jodell also goes by the name Joe Show and makes it his mission to always puts on a show where ever he is. You may have seen Joe Show at many comedy clubs such as Carolines, The Apollo, and the Laugh Factory.  He also performs at various clubs and colleges around the world. Joe Show is one of my favorite comedians.

Ms. Nanja: What do you enjoy doing?

Joe Show: I enjoy traveling, dating, and “people watching”. Yes “people watching”….I sit at Starbucks or Barns and Norble and watch the world go by.

Ms. Nanja: How is the dating life going?

Joe Show: I’m not dating as much as I would like to. In my line of work I travel alot  trying to make  my dream of  having all my projects become finished products.

Ms. Nanja: Have you ever had a one night stand?

Joe Show: (bad boy smile) Why yes I have! but in order to have a one night stand , you have to be emotionally and mentally sure of yourself.

Ms. Nanja: Why do you say that?

Joe Show: One must be ready to face rejection.

Ms. Nanja: What are your feelings about women that have slept with a man on the first night?

Joe Show: They are women who know what they want in life and they go for it.  I think this shows that they do not allow society to dictate their lives. And that is sexy to me…

Ms. Nanja: Would you call her after she slept with you on the first night?

Joe Show: If it was great, hell yea! Does a hungry man want seconds?

Ms. Nanja: With that being said would you consider a possible relationship with her?

Joe Show: It’s clear that there was some physical attraction between the two of us. Why wouldn’t I want to keep that around? If it’s good it’s good! Now that we have that out of the way I want the chance to get to know who she is. We are in a new age of time, if I allow that to hinder a possible relationship with her, then I am simply judging her without giving her a chance. Come to think about it, what does she think about me because I also slept with her the first night?

Ms. Nanja: Why do you think there is still negative views or feelings on women who sleep with a man on the first night, and if so what are they?

Joe Show: Men like to think that their game is tight. And if she sleep with him then she will sleep with the other man, and another man on the first night, and then she will be considered “fast” or just a “whore”.

I would love to hear what other men may think about this subject. I would like to think that Jodell is not the only man that thinks sleeping with a women on the first night does not necessarily tarnish who she really is. We are adults and have to take responsibility for our choices. Just make sure they are healthy choices.

I want to thank Joe show for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to me.

If you will like more of Joe Show or where his next act is, feel free to look him up on facebook http://facebook.com/joeshowlewis or email him at joeshowlewis@yahoo.com