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Trend Report: Athletic Chic

29 Jan

What do you get when you combine the sports enthusiasm of David Beckham and the sophistication of Victoria Beckham? You get unadulterated sporty chic. A fashion forward spin on athletic wear. Think Gwen Stefani or Fergie back in her Black Eye Pea days.. It’s that mix of cool, comfortable and chic in a ultra classy way! Forever 21 has an entire collection geared on the trend.  Asos offers some fashion forward finds as well! Take a look at my faves.







Get The Look: Baby’s It’s Cold Outside

17 Jan

Image 4 of Unreal Fur Longer Length Gilet

On the east coast its freezing outside! Every morning I open my front door to a windy chilly day. Winter is not my favorite time of year for many reasons. I am a fashionista and having to wear a big bulky coat doesn’t really fit the bill for me. However you can still look cute and fashion forward with these haute finds. Being warm is key, but you can also be warm in style. One f my favorite websites www.asos.com offers all kinds of goodies at prices you can afford.  I am totally obsessed with the Asos faux fur-lined parka! Take a look at a few of my top picks.








Mars Vs Venus…

7 Aug

So before we know it Fall will be upon us and there will be no more hot sunny days… However we will always have hot fashion style!!!! A huge trend that is underway is the masculine play of femininity… We have seen it throughout the years but this Fall it will explode on the screen as designers take male influences in a very feminine way… There is the boyfriend jean and blazer as well as an influence on the plaid button-up and everyday accessories. Take a look at a few of my faves provided by asos.com..


Simply Studded





Ring Ah Ding Ding….

20 Jun

Ladies rings are making a major comeback this year and they are all the rave as a fashion accessory!!! Rings are edgier,statement worthy and just all around fab…. Here are a few of my faves provided by asos.com


Simply Studded

The Sixties Shift…No Spanx Required!

25 May

Let’s face it, fashion always repeats itself. I love short, simple dress_no spanx required . Bright colors are also in for the season in a soft cotton or satin material to top it off. Let’s look at a few short simple dresses that can be worn on a cool or even a hot summer day. Summer is upon us ladies and it’s time to get our closets in check, hip and ready to go. Enjoy studded fans


Love floral stripe shift dress for $69.58 from ASOS

Knee-length, loose-fitting satin dress with gathers at neckline. Lined at H&M $24.95

Short, straight v-neck cut dress at H&M $34.95

Trend Alert: Head Gear….

11 Feb

So in fashion we go through so many phases…. Turbans, headbands, scarfs etc etc….. However headgear will never go out of style…. It’s like the modern day crown. Women wear headgear to accessories their overall look and bring high fashion to their plain locs of hair. This year designers are adding bows, jewels, feathers and lace to give that dramatic effect…. I am a serious fan of Asos.com

They are my go to fashion source when I am in need of all things fab!!!! Here are a few looks provided by their site to take you into high gear!!!


Simply Studded





The Basics Pt 1

31 Jan

So there are a few fashion staples that every women should have in her closet…. These items are meant to build a foundation upon which all her other style trends stand…. Considering the fact that there is a moderately long list so I decided to break it up into two parts…. Please keep in mind these items are basics, but you can add your own flavour and flair to the overall look.

*Some images provided by Asos.com


Simply Studded

The basic denim jeans… I love these curvey jeans by Levi which work for me however you have to find your perfect fit.

LBDEvery women needs an essential black dressVERY important!

A classic watch adds sophistication to your overall look… This Micheal Kors watch speaks volumes

A basic white button-up shirt… It can be dressed up or down… Either way you can’t go wrong!

A basic blazer… It can be added to jeans for a casual look, paired with a dress for a chic look or paired with slacks for a business savvy ensemble

Basic black pumps… Every women needs a pair it is ESSENTIAL…. It’s gets no more basic than that!

Layers of Fun….

27 Nov

So the weather is changing from day to day but we all know that dreaded  man named jack frost is around the corner…. I am not a winter girl at all!!! I find it difficult trying to be fashionable under layers and layers of clothing. But I am here to say you can be just as fashion forward in the winter as you were in the Summer. Once upon a time I was a student at FIT in New York City… And one of my fashionable counterparts Jonathan always wore this fabulous gray snood over his peacoat… Can I tell you I felt like Rachel Zoe “I Die”….. It was the perfect bit of spice to add that fashion flair to his overall look… For all of those unfamiliar with a “snood” its modern definition is a tubular scarf. It looks real bulky and adds that extra “humpf” to the overall look. Here are some great looks I found on my favorite website Asos.com


Simply Studded

Who said Winter couldn’t be fabulous? The bright pattern in this snood adds intensity to her overall look…. 

The knit texture of this snood in warm hazelnut brown compliments the overall look perfectly! 

Yes even in faux fur this snood is sure to excite!!! 

This is my fave snood of them all.. Edgy and pairs great with the leather jacket!

More Bang For Your Buck….

26 Nov

Have you ever been shopping and had a certain look or item in mind and when you find it, it’s two times over your budget!!!!! Doesn’t that feeling just SUCK…. Well no worries loves in this competitive fashion market there is hundreds if not thousands of replicas at prices you can afford. Have you ever heard that old saying “you better shop around”? Well that doesn’t only pertain to relationships it also pertains to purchases you make.

Here is a bit of fashion advice that I use for myself.  Compile a list on your computer favorites of great places to find fashion finds. I have so many places listed such as asos.com and topshop.com to name a few….. Compare your name brand digs to the competitors and see what is out there… It takes a little more effort but so worth the deal. Here is a dress by Rachel Roy which I love priced at $159.00 and I found a replica at Asos which was $99.99 (and includes free shipping and returns). That is over is over $59 dollars in savings…. I don’t know about you but I enjoy saving money and looking fabulous too… Happy hunting loves..


Simply Studded

Rachel Roy “Liza” dress priced at $159.00

TFNC Sequin Dress via Asos priced at $99.99

Wild Thang: Faux Fur

18 Oct

So everyone knows Fur is always in style however there is many of us who want the look of fur without the guilt of knowing an animal was brutally killed in the process. With so much social awareness about animals and protecting their rights it has been embed in our minds the cruelty animals receive for one piece of fur. Well I have found a solution Faux Fur (fake fur). I understand nothing can ever replace the actual look and feel of fur, however there is many designers who have gotten very close! I am a fan of Asos.com and a frequent buyer of their clothing. They offer fashion forward finds at affordable rates. And they have some amazing Faux Fur coats…  Trust me you will love the designs and realistic qualities they represent and not to mention the amazing price! Here are my top looks…


Simply Studded