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Armani’s Ad Campaign!

10 Mar

She’s a pop star, She’s a trendsetter, She’s a fashionista and she is Rhianna! Once again, Rhianna has done an extraordinary ad campaign for Armani but this time it’s for the denim line. It’s hard to tell the ad is for Armani’s denim line which turns out to be a really neat catch in the end.┬áThis ad is absolutely timeless and I love the feel of old fashion mixed with classic.

She has never disappoint when it comes to showing us her edgy side and the inner fashion and creative beast in her. She is always the one to be different in more ways than one when it comes to her craft. I truly adore her style, her drive and her determination to stay relevant in the industry. Check out a few pictures below and a video for the ad. Let me know your thoughts…I would love to hear from you studded fans.