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The Dark Knight Rises Premiere…

17 Jul

One of the most anticipated movies for 2012 is definitely “The Dark Knight Rises”… There is so much buzz going about this movie, that I can’t wait for it to hit theaters this Friday. It is the premier blockbuster movie for the Summer…. The NY Premiere took place tonight and all the stars were out… Take a look at a few celebs on the red carpet. Images provided by Getty Images and


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Hair-Story …..

10 Apr

Who would have known that a person’s hairstyle can define them…. We get so caught up in the minutiae details of celebrity life that we pick apart every aspect of their being. Anne Hathaway was spotted in Paris with a new short hair-do and the media took to a storm. There is so much controversy around her short pixie hair cut. Anne is pretty much known as that “All American Girl” so cutting her hair so short has given her a real edgy look. It is reminiscent of when Rhianna cut her locks and set the world ablaze. Remember that good girl went BAD and her image has never been the same since. In fact Rhi Rhi’s short hair cut has defined her personal style. Let’s see how Ms. Hathaway’s short cut defines her…


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Anne Hathaway Before: 

Anne Hathaway After: