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Hidden Treasures Of a Song Bird…

9 Dec

Amy Whinehouse a song bird that flew too soon has left behind her latest album “Lioness: Hidden Treasures“. The album  is an intimate walk into the shadows of Amy… Listening to each melancholic track you can see how jazz and the 1950’s music scene has truly influenced Amy’s unique style of singing and song writing. Amy was able to collaborate with many of her long-time musical inspirations such as Frank Sinatra. Amy’s father Mitch would often sing Frank Sinatra songs to young Amy which left a great impression on her life. This album is sure to deliver on quality as a long time fan of Any Whinehouse I was pleased from track to track and I am sure you will be too……

Attached is the story behind the album “Hidden Treasurers”…


Simply Studded

Beauty 101: Cat Eyes

24 Sep

There is something so sexy and bold about cat eyes…. That extra bit of linear adds so much POP and dimension to your face. If you are looking for a sultry, sassy look I say stay classic black. However if you are a little more daring and edgier I say go for a metallic blue, bronze or sliver…. I have included a tutorial video by Makeupdoll.com as well as a few looks I LOVE….


Simply Studded

These eyes are  lined with a double shot of FIERCE!!!

 The metallic blue adds so much volume to this look!

Amy Whinehouse signature winged eye was a sure hit… Very retro “Pin-Up Girl”

Triple Threat!!! Cleopatra inspired design…. LOVE

The Rose That Grew From Concrete….

24 Jul

Hearing the news of Amy Whinehouse’s demise sent chills up my spine. Such a talented star gone all too soon. Everyone is focusing on her flaws, the substance abuse, the arrest, rehab…. However I rather focus on her gift which was her amazing voice and quite simply her music. Amy Whinehouse had a melodic, heavy sultry voice. Looking at her small petite frame one would wonder where does that voice come from??? Amy sung with soul. As if her heart was shattered in a million pieces and all she had left was a melody….. This post is dedicated to Amy Whinehouse, may she find eternal peace…


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