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2 Steps Forward….

22 Feb


I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, but I am also a lover of the unique and complex. Some people follow the norms I tend to walk to my own beat. Sophia Webster is an award winning, Shoe Designer from the United Kingdom who does just that! Sophia’s designs can be best described as whimsical, eccentric and just plain ole fun. With less than 3years under her belt since the foundation of her company; I say she is definitely someone to watch.  You can learn more about her or shop her designs at http://www.sophiawebster.com






Get The Look: Ready to Conquer

20 Jan

  With the New Year brings new goals, new dreams and new desires… Right now you’re probably trying to land that dream job. With so much competition it’s quite difficult. Your resume should reflect your skills, talents and abilities so well that the individual reading it gets a greater sense of knowing you without actually ever meeting you. It’s a lot of stiff competition out there. But we were made to conquer! Dressing the part is just as important as your resume and cover letter.. Remember first impressions dictate a lot about a person. If you walk into a room confident, well kempt and professional that leaves a greater impression than having a great resume but sloppy appearance. It has to be the total package. You are asking someone to invest in you so you have to present as a worthy investment.

If you’re in the blue-collar field such as (Municipal, City Workers, Teachers, Engineers) etc. It’s best to wear professional attire. Men a suit with tie and ladies either a pants or skirt suit. You should stay within a monochromatic color scheme; such as navy, gray and black. However if you’re in a creative field such as (Fashion, Entertainment, Media, Arts) etc. You should offer a little more flair or personality to your look. There is a fine balance between the two and it shouldn’t be taken overboard. It’s essential to remain professional. Below I put together a look for women in the creative field. The look is built off basics… Adding a great blazer and pair of pants, which are essential to every gal’s closet. I wanted to bring out the individuality so I added a statement necklace with a basic pump in a shocking red. It adds a simple wow factor without being overstated. I would wear a simple white camisole underneath my blazer. And if you wanted to take this outfit from creative to blue-collar swap out the red pumps and statement necklace for a basic black pump and a simple necklace. Instead of the camisole I would wear a white button up to complete the look. It’s a New Year full of endless opportunities…. Dress the part and conquer your dreams!

*For all my fashionistas on a budget message me for affordable finds on business attire.



Trash Never Looked So Great!!!

14 Mar

So I am always looking for what’s hot… I find fashion inspiration in the weirdest places. On the news, on a sign, watching Tv etc. So one night while watching ABC’s Shark Tank I came across two sisters who have an AMAZING jewelry line called Litter. I was so intrigued and automatically absorbed into their product. I am a girl who LOVES her accessories!!! I honestly don’t think I can have too much. These two sisters create artistic hand-made pieces that are a great accommodation to any outfit. But don’t take my word for it look at a few pics of their work and make sure to check out their site www.littersf.com

Images provided by littersf.com


Simply Studded

The Chunkier The Better….

26 Jun

Accessories make any outfit POP and I am a huge fan of bangles… My motto the chunkier the better!!! I like to add various sizes with different textures and finishes to add pazzaz or SPICE to the overall outfit. It doesn’t require a lot of thought ladies just a sheer sense of style. Here are a few looks I love!!!!

I love the mix of gold and sliver simply fab-olo-us….

Big, bold and shiny… I adore

Pretty, delicate, soft and sweet….

Texture, texture, texture….

Edgy, rough and chic…. I Die!!!!!

You Betta Work!!!!

13 Jan

Now, I’m one person that loves accessories and truly feel that it is the icing on the cake for a DOPE ensemble. PNK Elephant is definitely an accessory line that fashionistas need to get familiar with. I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Holiday Soiree of this trendy collection last week at Kiss & Fly and the pieces were truly show stopping.

In addition to this, the prices are extremely cost effective for you guys as the consumer and right in line with what the celebs are wearing right now! Not to mention, the owners (Kijafa Frink and Blair Sandlain), are young and fashion conscientious, which helps them connect with the cliental in which they are targeting. 

Please show your love and support and place your orders! I promise you, you will be pleased.