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Men’s Grooming 101: The Beard

13 Sep

There is something so regal and undeniably sexy about a man with a beard… It gives off a simple allure that is intriguing. Fellas women appreciate a man who is well kempt.  Keeping your facial hair in line is a MUST!!!!!  That includes handling any razor bumps, patches and dark spots. Remember we are carnal creatures and unfortunately we are attracted by our physical attributes first… So I have included a video by Bumpender to keep your beard  and face fresh along with a few looks to gain inspiration.


Simply Studded

 Lloyd is showing off his neatly lined and trimmed full face beard.

Omari got that 5′ 0 clock shadow going on and he wears it well!

Rick Ross representing that Philly look, but notice it’s neatly trimmed.

Will has that salt and pepper look mixed with a little bit of scruffiness but it looks sophisticated.

Usher has a neat, clean and simple look that is alluring.



10 Sep

So with all that is happening in fashion it wouldn’t be  cliché that we are taking it “Back to the Future“…. If you havent seen the movie you have missed out on an essential piece of childhood. In the movie Marty McFly travels to the future…. 2015 to be exact and while there he needs to play the part so he has to dress to impress. Here is where the Nike Mag sneaker comes into play. The movie shows Marty McFly played by Micheal J. Fox putting on the sneakers which activates and the power lace tightens making no need for tying shoe laces, to add to the effect the shoes light up in a cool futuristic blue… As a kid everyone wished they had a pair!

Flash forward to our present day Nike will be issuing the Nike Mag sneaker exclusively on-line through E-bay where many hopeful buyers will have their chance of owning a pair.  There is a limited quantity of 1,500 being sold. Unfortunately there is no powered lace however the sneakers will light up for up to 5 hours powered by rechargeable  LED lights. The sneakers are rumored to be sold at a whomping $5000 a pair!!!! All proceeds will go to the Micheal J. Fox foundation….

Which of my sneaker heads will take the plunge on these pricey kicks????

*Pics provided by

Nike Mag Sneakers



Reethym Nation

15 Aug

Swiss Beatz has been making a major splash in the sneaker industry. He has teamed up with Reebok and the partnership has been CRAZY. This is not the 5411’s that everyone is use too. To my non-sneaker heads 5411 is the original Reebok classic sneakers. What Swizz has created is fashion forward, edgy and simply fresh to def.. The Kamikaze embodies dope style with uniquie color combinations. Swizz didn’t stop there he also designed the apparel which includes tee-shirts, jackets, hoodies and snapbacks (hats) that can be coordinated with each pair of kicks. Fellas if you don’t have a pair I suggest you get on it at $99.99 you can’t go wrong!!!



Stylish Gentleman…

3 Aug

Scott Disick, boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, in my opinion has an impeccable style of dressing. On each episode he is either dressed in a jaw dropping suit or stylish outfit. Without a doubt I love his fashion sense and just had to share my findings with the Fellas…

  • Loving this checker suit with the scarf and tie…

  • Suits no longer have to match. Check out how Scott put together this fuchsia blazer with grey pants…HOT!

  • There is nothing wrong with adding color to your suit. This peach suit is hot as well as the tie…

  • Scott looks dapper in this grey 3 piece suit…

Fellas, you can also get similar looks to these suits from Black Label by Ralph Lauren, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss…POW!

Stay Blessed.


Fresh, Dress, Like a Million BUCKS….

2 Aug

Hey fellas its your girl Studded and I am here to focus on your sneaker game. As you already know I am all about unique, attention grabbing finds. For the fellas your shoe game is a VERY important role in your overall look. As a woman I will be the first to tell you that I look at a guy from his feet to his head. So if your shoe game is WACK that is a major no, no in my book. It’s time to get your swagger right…..



These are the McQueen style sneaker by Clae in a DOPE color plum!!

Filling Pieces "Animal Pack"... These are BONKERS

The Gentlemans Sneakers "Wingtip" by Greedy Genius

Life is Tasty at Gourment... And were not talking food either!!

These are a Throwback but there so Official: Harry Tweed for Nike

John Galliano!!!

29 Jun

Hey Fella!!! Just so you know fashion week for Men’s Wear is in full effect in Paris! The designers are debuting their RTW Spring 2012 collection and I’m feeling the line from John Galliano. The looks are surely different and trendy. The designer, Bill Gayten, made sure the collection was articulate and detailed.

Below are some looks that I thought were different and cool…

What do you think about these looks??


Black Label…

24 Jun

I’m really a die-hard fan of the Black Label line by Ralph Lauren Fellas!!! In my opinion, the looks are fashion forward and trend setting. Therefore, I was not surprised by the looks that I see for the Spring/Summer for this brand. Normally, the looks were more dark, living up to the name of the brand. This time around they have stuck to more neutral colors, showing that they can switch up there color assortments but still maintain their image. 

As always, I’ve picked some of the looks that I think are hot for this season. Fellas (Ladies too), please tell me your thoughts:

  • I’m really digging the white leather jacket. White happens to be a major hit this season!

  • Staying true to their brand name, I’m liking the overall look here.

  • Loving the ripped jeans!

  • Both looks are a hit, the company is showing that they offer both business and dress down attire. The grey is an added plus!

*Photos provided by GQ Magazine.


Trend Alert: Man-Bags!!!

15 Jun

This year Man-Bags have become very popular in the fashion industry and among some male celebrities as well. Some credited designer have been up on this trend for some time now, while others are now getting into the swing of things. My favorite bag designer, Louis Vuitton, have some trendy pieces that you fellas might like. The other designers that have some cool pieces are Gucci, Marc Jacob, and Prada (just to name a few). This season it is said that the designers are going bigger with the bag selection for men as they use these bags for travel,work, or personal purposes.

With that being said, some may not like this look for men and some do! I will let you be the judge of that with some pieces that I picked from the Spring 2011 Louis Vuitton collection.

What do you think about these looks?

Be Blessed,


Rain Rain Go Away…

16 May

They say: “April showers bring May flowers”, however from the looks of things here in NYC, the rain won’t leave.  Its still pouring!  So fellas, I sat down today and thought of you!  I figured you all have to preserve your sexy in all this rain.  The perfect raincoat could do just that.  Take a look at some sexy ones below modeled by actor Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation.




Burberry Brit


Doesn’t he look good?!  Why not look sexy and stylish all while staying dry:)

Chivalry is not Dead…..

15 May

Photos provided by Chivalrous Culture

You know SimplyStudded is all about giving our readers what’s hot in fashion…. Well let me introduce you all to Chivalrous Culture… It is was created by Diggy Simmons the son of Rev Run. The designs embody street style with sophistication. Diggy took extra care in designing every aspect of his sneakers, he really wanted his designs to showcase quality.

Chiv’s motto is “We are here to outfit the next generation of gentlemen youth that will inspire and revolutionize the world.” Looking at the designs I think Diggy has a sure hit not to mention the prices are extremely affordable! But don’t take my word for it, check out the product for yourself.



Tuxedo Hamachi

Mr. Chiv tee-shirt by Chivalrous Culture

Burgundy Paten Hamachi

Mr. Chiv

Black Tumble Hamachi