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Just Kicking It….

21 Aug

The evolution of Adidas over these past years has been phenomenal… Adidas has went from being three black lines and a shell top, to the infamous inspiration behind Run DMC’s “My Adidas”! Adidas is not just kicks (sneakers) anymore, they have high-end designers like Jeremy Scott, celebrity endorsers such as Nicki Minaj and Big Sean and everything from apparel, to sneakers to accessories!!! There is truly something for the whole family. I saw a pair of baby’s high top sneakers I must buy for my son and a few thinks for myself and his dad… Well take a look at a few of my picks just for my fellas.


Simply Studded

Sneaker Head In All Red….

19 Jun

It’s been awhile since I did an article for my sneaker heads…. So here’s to you…. After this you will all be seeing red!!! These sneakers are from DC, Supra, Reebok and Creative Receration in different hues of red and burgundy… So take a look and enjoy…





Stepped Up Shoe Game…

6 May

So fellas its time to get your grown and sexy on…. And contrary to what most believe a man’s shoes say’s a lot about him. For years men have had the disadvantage when it comes to their shoe game but recently designers have been catering to a whole new style of man…. Offering fashion forward shoes to spruce up any outfit… Here are a few delectable finds….

Enjoy Fellas,

Simply Studded

Denim On The Rise……

15 Apr


So recently I had my boyfriend purchase a pair of bleached denim Vans. Of course he had much hesitation about it… Even though he trusts my fashion sense he still has his “fashion phobia”. When I saw them I was in love!!! My ears are always to the streets and I am constantly watching whats new, hot and trending in fashion. Fellas denim is on overload and its being embraced by celebrities such as Sean Combs, Jim Jones and Usher to name a few. Recently Sean Combs aka Diddy was spotted in a bleached denim jacket in Red Cafe’s new music video “Let It Go”. Of course my boyfriend’s response to Diddy’s jacket was “That’s Hot“!!! Which I responded WHATEVER…. Ladies why don’t our men realize we make them look good??? LOL

Anyway fellas be on the look out for this trend, if you are going to get something bleached pair it with a neutral like a khaki colored cargo short, darker plain denim etc You don’t want to look like a bad case of the 80’s pairing bleach on bleach denim!!!  That is so not cool… Anyway take a look at a few bleached out denim looks just for you fellas..


Simply Studded







One Word… FRESH

11 Mar

I think most ladies would agree that there is nothing sexier than a fashionable guy who can elude masculinity. I am a fan of fashion forward men. Some of my faves Pharrell Williams… I love his corky sense of style and the fact that he adapts his style to fit his persona. A second fave is Andre 3000 from the legendary group Outkast. Andre definitely walks to the beat of his own drum but he looks fabulous doing it!!!!

Cole Haan reinvented the Oxford shoe and added vibrant color combinations to tantalize the eye… For many Oxford’s may appear as outdated style however Cole Hann took a classic and gave it a modern spin. I love the color combinations and think these shoes can be worn as casual or formal and still make a statement.


Simply Studded

Swagged Up……

27 Dec

So this article was inspired by Jim Jones…. For those of you unfamiliar with the name I am not talking about Cult Leader “Jim Jones” but the Harlem-based Rapper “Jim Jones”. I find inspiration everywhere and as I watched VH1’s Love&Hip Hop I saw Jim rocking this FRESH denim jacket with leather sleeves and I was in LOVE…. I found out the jacket was actually designed by Jim for his clothing line Protocol which is a venture he combined with Parish Nation…. The jacket is sold out on the site (and I can see why)…. But you can check their site periodically for stock list updates…. I have included a few other looks I like……



Protocol Denim/Leather Jacket

Black Apple Denim/Leather Jacket

Dsquared “Eagle” Leather/Denim Jacket

Cut From A Different Cloth…

18 Dec

So T.I. aka the King of the South or Clifford Joseph Harris as his biological name states is on the rise. He has a new reality show which captures his family life with wife Tiny and their 6 children. It is an in-depth look into his personal life with his family and business. He is also the author of his first book Power and Beauty. He is an acclaimed rapper and actor and now a fashion designer of his clothing line Akoo.

Akoo is an urban line which mixes street style with classic sophistication. The price range is moderate and the looks are fresh…. Surprisingly Akoo has something for both males and females but I personally feel the male line has more to offer. Here are a few items I liked…


Simply Studded

Get The Look: Class Act

23 Oct

I am a simple woman who loves a tee-shirt and jeans kinda guy. Don’t get me wrong I do like to see my man looking sharp in fashion forward clothing; however if you can’t captivate my attention and look good in normal everyday clothing there is a problem! I love a basic v neck tee-shirt and a good pair of jeans like these by Levis with the distressed vintage feel. I paired that with a varsity Jacket by “Plain Jane Homme” and the Mighty Crown Dunks. Varsity Jackets are huge this season and Plain Jane Homme created a fabulous fashion find at an affordable price! Fellas keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it fresh…


Simply Studded


Not Too Tight, Just Right…

16 Oct

So there has been a big debate in the world of mens fashion. Many of us are well aware of the skinny jeans phase. Generally it is a pair of too tight jeans that needs to be worn off the waist so that your underwear shows and the pants fit you comfortably. Particularly I am not a fan of that fad however to each his own. I am however a fan of “fitted” clothing.  Men get this mis-conception that it has to be either extremely baggy, or ridiculously tight. In my opinion that false way of thinking needs to stop!!! Every man can not look like Lil Wayne or Big Sean however you can wear clothing that compliments your body structure. I decided to show you a few athletes who wear clothing that fit their bodies “Just Right“.  I chose athletes because they all have different body frames and heights. However you will see that each individual has an outfit that accentuates their body showing their masculinity in a fashion forward way. My favorite is Amare Stoudermire! At 6’ft 10 inches and 240 pounds he is still representing sex appeal combined with swag. Fellas start taking pride in your clothing. Having fitted clothing is grown and sexy… Here are a few looks I enjoyed!


Simply Studded

 Amare Stoudemire’s Looks Like a Sexy Chocolate Drop in All That Brown! The Sweater is Fitted Nicely With His Pants And  Button-Up Shirt.

Carmelo Anthony is Looking Like a BOSS! I Love The Fitted Trench Coat, Paired With The Red Pant and Oxford Blue Button-up and Tie.

I Have a Thing For a Man in a Cardigan! There is Nothing More Classic and Chic. Dwayne Wade Looks Sophisticated in This Close Fitting Number.

Lebron James Has a Mix of Preppy With Fashion Edge. The Jeans are Fitted and Pair Well With The Button-Up and Vest… And The Boots….. BOSS

Mmmmm Smells Like….

17 Sep

I think every heterosexual woman on earth loves when a man smells good.  Ladies you know that scent that lingers in the air, enticing your senses, and seducing your mind. That simple sniff of his neck that sends chills up your spine… DELICIOUS

With everyone being strapped for cash this season it doesn’t mean you can’t get your smell goods at a reasonable price. Lend me  your attention as I interest you my darling men into body sprays. They are inexpensive, smell amazing and last long!!! Honestly speaking most women wont even know your not wearing cologne. Here are a few of my top 5 body sprays for men.


Simply Studded

#1 Is definitely AXE Excite … With the perfect blend of coconut, hazelnut, and carmel mixed with a bit of spice.  It’s hard not to be excited about this scent!

#2 “Swagger” by Old Spice… Jay-Z said you can’t pay for swag, well I beg to differ… This woodsy, clean scent will have you stunting HARD….

#3 Twlight Woods by Bath & Body Works… A musky, spicy smell that is a mix of cedar, musk and white pepper..

#4 Elixir White by C.O. Bigelow is a refreshing, clean scent… Bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin with undertones of peppery wood spices make a delightful mix!

#5 BOD Body Spray “Freshest Cleanest”… It’s all in the name… For that out of the shower smell Bod provides a crisp, fresh smell.