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Island Getaway Must Haves!

11 Jan

It’s that time of year…resort season and island getaway. Escaping the cold miserable season is not unusual this time of year. There are many great vacation packages and it’s time to book that trip. But let’s face it, booking the trip is one part of the excitement but the actual part that’s more exciting is picking the most sexiest gear for the island or the cruise ship. You want to look  your best while parading around on your trip. Your outfits must be tailored to enhance your body just as any other outfit. You also want to pair and mix and match your outfits so you won’t look like everyone else on the beach. Less is best and unusual style creation of your own is always one of a kind. Below I have included some of my favorite pieces to pack in your suitcase. Now book that trip and start shopping.



Prada black acrylic over-sized sunglasses can be purchased at for $232.00

Eddie Bauer mettalic straw hat can be purchased at for $49.00

J Crew bermuda shorts can be purchased at for $70.00

Coral multi ikat escape caftan  can be purchased at for $195.00

Driven Luxury…

28 Dec

So if you watch TV you are familiar with the Jennifer Lopez commercial for Fiat and if you are like me you were probably thinking (kinda looks like a Smart car). However recently the commercial was released for the exclusive Gucci edition of the Fiat 500 car and I thought hmmmmm looks like “Smart Luxury”. At a MSP price of $27,500 you can have a car with Gucci logo throughout, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Leather Trimmed Seats Embossed with Gucci Logo, SEVEN air bags with Gucci Stripe Seat Belts and Bose Radio System…. And that’s just some of the amenities that this car offers. Fiat is a big name  company in Italy who has been in the automobile business since 1899. There cars are compact, economical and full of luxury…… Here are a few pics of the Fiat 500 Gucci model…


Simply Studded

The Wonderful World Of Gaga…

4 Dec

Lady Gaga has done it again with the release of her “Holiday Workshop” exclusively at Barney’s. There is an array of artistic finds including treats, cosmetics, accessories, apparel, jewelry and even toys. Everything is outfitted with that Gaga flare!!!! The price range is moderate to extreme it is after all a teaming up of Lady Gaga and Barney’s so please be prepared to bring your wallet.  My fave is a teacup set which has two variations. One styled by A-Morir by Kerin Rose and one designed by Lady Gaga price ranging from $65.00 for Gaga’s Workshop X version and $695 for A-Morir… That is one expensive cup of tea honey, but the design elements are uncanny and so chic. Check out Barney’s website and see all that Lady Gaga has to offer.


Simply Studded

Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

25 Nov

“Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are the two most lucrative days for business owners and big retail giants to cash in on consumers shopping for the holidays. This year is predicted to be one of the biggest. Due to the crumbling economy items are even more discounted. The sale on big electronic items, clothing, jewelry etc., are a better deal than in the past to bring in more consumers into the stores. Retail giant, Walmart is opening as early at 10 pm tonight and others are opening at midnight.  In the prior years, “Black Friday” sales are usually early Friday morning and not on the night of Thanksgiving.

The method behind the madness is to start the sales early and get consumers rushing in to increase revenue. Some retailers use many different tactics to have people lined up in front of the store prior to the sale. For example, they advertise a big item just to get the consumers in the store and then cash in on them purchasing other smaller items as well. Best Buy, Walmart and Target are the biggest retailers who earn the most revenue. There are other smaller retailers and businesses who also participate in the “Black Friday” sales and try to cash in on additional revenue apart from what they normally sell throughout the year.

Besides the consumers who rush through the doors of these retailers, there are others who patiently wait on “Cyber Monday” sales. Personally, I love online shopping and I rather stay home, log online and load up my shopping basket. “Cyber Monday” has its advantages and disadvantages. You may not get to purchase a big ticket item for an extremely low price but there are plenty other items you can get for a great deal right in the comfort of your own home.

I would love to hear from my readers to know if and where they will be shopping this year. What is your big ticket item that you must have and what extras are you going to grab or are you patiently waiting for “Cyber Monday. If you will be out grabbing those sales tonight or tomorrow, have a safe “Black Friday” studded fans!