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Beyond The Blonde Wig……

10 Feb


So everyone was buzzing about the Grammy’s however I was stuck on one thing; SIA’s performance…. I am such a fan however in every live performance I have seen her in she is hiding her face. It’s intriguing, it’s mysterious and it’s empowering. Unless you’re stuck under a rock you have heard SIA’s hit single “chandelier”. This gives a clear vision of her past battle with alcoholism after the death of an ex-boyfriend.

SIA admitted to drowning her sorrow and pain in alcohol, however finding recovery in a 12 step program helped her in her song writing abilities. What people don’t know is SIA is an amazing writer! She has written some of your favorite hit songs. Such as Diamonds for Rhianna, Pretty Hurts for Beyoncé, and Wild Ones for Flo Rida and my all-time favorite Titanium which she co-wrote with David Guetta. SIA never wanted the spotlight; she was quite comfortable being behind the scenes. She was thrust to fame so quickly at a pace she wasn’t comfortable with. So she took the situation in her own hands… She hides her face, she doesn’t do press and she refuses to be photographed unless her face is covered. Why you ask? Because she didn’t want to be forced into stardom. She wants to set the rules for her life and honestly as weird as it sounds… I love it!!! Watching her perform with her back to the audience was liberating to me. It made me think of that 1 carnal rule “To thy own self be true”.

Get into her music at the link provided




Disco Queen Donna Summer Dies!

19 May

Like the king of pop and the queen of pop, Donna Summer, the queen of disco, bestowed a title fit for a musical royalty has died today from battling lung cancer.  She never embraced the title because she grew up on rock & roll. She once said, “I grew up on rock `n’ roll,” when explaining her reluctance to claim the title.

Even though disco boomed and lasted for just a decade before crashing in the 1970’s, Summer’s beautiful voice and face still was penetrating that genre of music. She sang hits like: “I Feel Love,” “Love to Love You Baby” and “Last Dance,” which incorporated the rock roots she loved. One of her biggest hits, “She Works Hard for the Money,” came in the early 1980s. The song had a lot of guitar instrumental as well as Summer’s booming voice.

Summer died of cancer Thursday morning in Naples, Fla., said her publicist Brian Edwards. Her family released a statement saying they “are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy.”

Summer may not have liked the title and later became a born-again Christian, but many remembered her best for her early years, starting with the sinful “Love to Love You Baby.”

Religion played an important role in her later life, said Michael Levine, who briefly worked as her publicist.

“Her passion in her life, besides music, was God, spirituality and religion. She held a bible study class at her home every week,” he said.

Her glittery gowns, long eyelashes, luxurious hair and glossy lips. Her sultry vocals, her bedroom moans and sighs. She was as much a part of the culture and fashion era as disco balls, polyester, platform shoes and the music’s pulsing, pounding rhythms with a mix of disco and her all time favorite rock and roll. You will be missed Donna Summer (1948 – 2012).

Ashanti Is Back…”The Woman You Love”

16 Mar

Ashanti is getting back to business and getting back to gracing us with her presence. She premiered her comeback video “The Woman You Love” featuring Busta Rhymes a few days ago on BET’s 106 & Park.

Her boyfriend in the video is played by handsome Marcus Patrick. The video is a very nice love story but turns out with a sour ending. Ashanti of course looks gorgeous in the video and her vocals are sensual and smooth. I am happy she is back on the scene after being away for so long. It’s refreshing to see artists continue to do what it takes to stay relevant in the industry and she has definitely done nothing but that. Welcome back Ashanti! Can’t wait to hear more of your music.

Let me know what you think of the video studded fans. Enjoy!