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Get A Wig…..

4 Jun

So on my lazy day I decided to “Keep up with the Kardashians” on ETv and watching Miss Kim K I had an epiphany… Well let’s rewind….. The episode was all about Kim and her new fascination with wigs to create some fun in her life… And I thought… Hmmmmm… WIGS

Often times as women we want to change our look but out of fear of commitment, fear of change or fear of the unknown we tend to stick to what we know…. However in this new day and age we are presented with so many options in turns of wigs… This is not your everyday haloween costume wigs. However those are cool as well. But we are talking more modern day wigs. The styles, colors and manufacturing are so real it almost looks natural… So I say live a little!!! You may want to be a red-head but your scared of change well take after Kim K and get a wig!!!!  Be bold and live out your crimson fantasy….


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Attack Of Pretty In Pink…

14 May

Shagadelic Nails create awesome nails sets for the fashionista on the go…… If you have no time to sit and get a fresh acrylic set or a manicure turn to these press on nails to create a fab look in minutes… This is all about the attack of pink…


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Caviar Manicure: It’s Bumpy!!

4 May

When I first feast my eyes on the unusual, bumpy but yet cute caviar manicure I was immediately intrigued by the creativity. The look has been surfacing since Fashion Week and I must admit I am loving it! You could probably get crafty and DIY by gathering some small beads and nail glue. Well…I have got great news ladies. British polish company, Ciate is offering an easier route to get stylish in these nails with the “caviar mani-kit” .

The kit is available at Sephora in rainbow, black pearl and mother of pearl for $25.00. I am so curious as to what’s inside this kit and how long this manicure will last. Will you rock this bumpy, stylish manicure studded fans?? I wanna hear from you!

Care-Free Curls…

18 Apr

So I am pregnant and generally I use a relaxer on my hair once every 6 months. But with my recent pregnancy I decided to go natural….. Lately I have been bored with my hair, being that I am the kind of girl who does her hair every month sometimes twice a month but since pregnancy that has been pretty much not happening. With me looking forward to giving birth soon I have been looking into ways I can wear my hair naturally curly yet still look fabulous and feel great. There are so many products, routines, and ways to achieve curly hair but everyone’s curl pattern is not the same. So what works for me, may not work for you…… My advice get a consultation from a someone who specializes with natural hair care. I found several different salons in NYC and I plan on doing just that. If you are afraid of going ol’natural why not try a hair weave. It is a great way for you to get the look, and feel of natural hair without the commitment. I have included a free care-free curly styles I like….. And I will update you guys on my journey to natural curly hair as time progresses.


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Self Indulge In T.L.C……..

17 Apr


So it’s officially flip-flop season, its hot, sunny and those toes need a breather. But before you can set those toes free you need to get them in tip-top shape.  And here is how your going to do it…. Are you ready? Get your pen and paper ready!


*Foot Bath (Can I recommend Homedics Hydro-Therapy Foot Spa one word AMAZING)

* A foot kit that consists of a good pumice stone, nail clipper, nail file, cuticle oil and cutter. (Most 99 cent stores sell this complete minus the oil for $1.00)

* Foot soap/salts (I swear by Dr. Teals Peppermint Foot Soak, the smell is enticing and it will leave your feet feeling refreshed, clean and rejuvenated).

* A foot lotion or balm (Flexitol Heel Balm is not glamorous but it works! It can turn those roughed, cracked feet into smooth bottoms in 2 weeks).

* Last a polish…. You can go crazy here there are so many nail polishes out now but I LOVE Essie “Mamba” its my go-to color.

Ladies I know its easy to go the Spa or nail salon and get a pedicure but there is something nice and special about taking time to do it yourself or having your special mate treat you right!!!! If you choose to take my advice and self indulge in pampering let me know how it goes.


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Hair-Story …..

10 Apr

Who would have known that a person’s hairstyle can define them…. We get so caught up in the minutiae details of celebrity life that we pick apart every aspect of their being. Anne Hathaway was spotted in Paris with a new short hair-do and the media took to a storm. There is so much controversy around her short pixie hair cut. Anne is pretty much known as that “All American Girl” so cutting her hair so short has given her a real edgy look. It is reminiscent of when Rhianna cut her locks and set the world ablaze. Remember that good girl went BAD and her image has never been the same since. In fact Rhi Rhi’s short hair cut has defined her personal style. Let’s see how Ms. Hathaway’s short cut defines her…


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Anne Hathaway Before: 

Anne Hathaway After:

Madgey Is Back At It Again!!!

7 Apr

So Madonna aka Madgey has released a new fragrance“Truth or Dare” exclusively through Macy’s. So far Madgey has been under much scurnity for her “risqué” advertisement. However I am surprised that people are actually SHOCKED… This is Madonna people! She is known for taking it to the edge ….. HELLO

Am I the only person not surprised? Lets review the history of America’s Cover Girl… She performed wearing a gold cone-shaped bra, kissed both Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Music Awards and recorded a song titled “Like a Virgin”….  Just to name a few of her head turning  stunts. Are we REALLY SUPRISED?

I dare say not…. Madonna is a risk taker, trend-setter and pretty much does whatever MADGEsty wants. At 54 years old and looking like the bombshell she does I say let her have her fun… The fragrance retails from $55 to $68 dollars USD and rumours to smell like unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods, vanilla and caramelized amber. It is a sensual, contemporary fragrance for todays modern women. Take a look at the commercial provided by Extra and weigh in…..


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Easy Breezy Hair….. Keri Hilson Edition

4 Apr

With the Summer season on its way it’s all about easy breezy hair…. When its a scorching 90 degrees in NYC you ont want to have to fuss with long layers of hair on your back. Uhhhh I truly dislike that feeling of hair sticking to my neck combined with sweat GROSS. So I decided to take a few style options from Ms. Keri Baby!!! She always has awesome hair cuts in vibrant  shades that are sure to make you one hot mama this Summer. So lets take some advice from Keri this Summer and let our inner “pretty girl rock”.


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Spring Into Pastel’s…

28 Mar

So Spring is in season and Easter will soon be upon us… So you are probably noticing a lot of bright pastel colors all around. I have to admit I am not a major fan of pastel’s on myself due to my complexion I feel the colors look kind of murky an unflattering. However I absolutely adore pastel’s on everyone else!!! I think individuals with deep skin tones can carry the light airiness of the colors well as well as fair skin individuals it adds that extra pop of color. The easiest way to get color without overdoing it is with nail polish. There are so many yummy selections available!!!So head to your local Nail Salon and get that Mani/Pedi done right!!!


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Hair Trend: Ombre

26 Mar

So I kinda touched on the hair trend Ombre in my hair article called “The Wonder Of Color”. However many of you have seen “Ombre” but have no idea what it is. Basically it is when your hair roots are dark and your hair tips are light. It almost looks like you grew out a hair color and never touched up your roots. Is looks a bit seductive and a bit trashy in a good way!!!!! Celebrities everywhere have been spotted with the trend from Lala Vasquez, Angela Simmons and Khole Kardashian.

I plan on trying it out on myself because I LOVE the look!!! Here are a few pics of the style!!!!


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