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Natural Hair Care: Silky Press

9 May

So  I’ve been natural for over 3 years now. For those who don’t know what it means to be “natural”. It means I have no perms or chemicals to straighten or curl my hair. My hair is simply in its natural state. Trust me it takes hard work and diligence none the less I don’t regret my decision. My hair is fully of body, thick and grows beautifully. However there are those days I miss having my hair straight. I generally don’t use much heat on my hair because unfortunately I have been a victim of heat damage. One beautician did a blow dry on my hair that resulted in a whole section breaking . Lets just say I learned my lesson. There are many ways to achieve that straight silky hair you desire. But one sure way is a silk press.

A silk press is when a licensed professional presses your hair with a ceramic iron, using proper oils and heat protectant to keep your hair from getting damaged. The result is a silky, frizz free, shiny and straight hair. It looks like you have a perm without the damaging chemicals. A good press can last 2 weeks depending on your upkeep and regime. EAP Heat has a diverse selection of hair care tools that provide quality products that prevent hair damage. They are ideal for all hair types not just natural hair. However if you are natural this is a must as far as hair essentials goes.

Dont believe me? Take a look at the EAP Heat flat iron at work. And please feel free to order directly by tapping the link EAP Heat

All That Blings…

2 Apr


I am obsessed with getting my nails done!!! It’s one of the easiest ways to put a smile on my face. But I am a stickler for quality and perfectionism. I am loving all these nail techs but one of my favorites is Ms.Tina. She hails from Florida and her work is beyond impeccable. Some try to duplicate it but they can’t!!! I am obsessed with her designs and overall creative edge. Take a look at her designs and let me know what you think; also you can contact her on Instagram at “nailsbymztina”.








New Year… New You….

1 Jan


Out with the old and in with the new… Each year brings in brand new resolutions and the biggest one of all is getting fit! I know I am not the only one who makes this resolution every year. However at my age I am taking it seriously. You will be proud to know I even started a 60 day challenge to get fit (Lord help me). My cupboards and refrigerator are packed with wholesome foods. I have all my vitamins and detox teas ready however the most important part of getting in shape is exercise! Having the right work-out gear is essential.  Believe it or not but having the proper sneaker can make all the difference in your work-out. Reebok has some great gear and not to mention it’s fashionable.

Whether you enjoy a sprint or a power-walk there is a sneaker right for you. Below are a few of my faves however you can also  check out the entire website at

Happy New You For 2015!


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Trend Alert Fall 2012….

9 Sep

So generally we choose one item to focus on for our trend alert but instead we decided to do an overall Fall 2012 trend guide…. There are trends for fashion, hair , color and shoes….

*Images provided by

Enjoy Love’s,

Simply Studded

All things leather is SUPER HOT!!!

Pointy Heels are BACK!!!

The color “Cobalt Blue”…. HUGE

A little lace is all the RAVE….

The look is “Super Laid Back”….

Maculine mixed with feminine….

The style.. Messy Hair Bun

Short, Short Chick….

14 Aug

So Miley Cyrus recently took to twitter to show of her new hairdo.. A super short bleached blonde edgy cut that is so not your typical ‘”Miley Cyrus” look… However Miley stated on twitter that she “feels more like her self (with the new hair cut) than she has ever felt”! Maybe she will be like Rhianna a good girl gone bad and her notoriety will go sky-high because of her new look. I think the look has to grow on me but it’s not a bad look for Miley…

Take a look at a few pics below…


Simply Studded

Make it BANG!!!!

31 Jul

Getting a banging new look and try some hair bangs… It adds volume to your face and accentuates the beauty of your face. There is all kind of bangs, side swept, blunt cut and curved… Here are a few looks for inspiration….


Simply Studded

Fingertip Fetish by Adrienne Bailon…

22 Jul

Adrienne Bailon recently released her new nail polish line “Fingertip Fetish”…. An edgy mix of color that represents the gritty streets of New York… Her launch party was back in May leaving many consumers awaiting the arrival of her luscious colors in stores…. So far many celebrities have been seen rocking her polish and from the looks of it she has a quality product on the line… Take a look at a few pics…


Simply Studded





Shapen Up……

21 Jul

So recently after having a baby I decided it’s time to lose weight…. I have always been a curvy girl however after the additional weight gain during my pregnancy I’m not liking the reflection staring back at me in the mirror! Dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE MYSELF and I Love my curves! However I am unhappy  with myself at this weight… I recently saw a magazine article with Jordin Sparks new weight lost and she looks amazing!!!! Jordin lost over 30 lbs taking her from a size 14 to a size 8. That is some serious commitment. Jordin also stated the weight loss was for her self-esteem as well as a desire to be healthy… Many times we hear about people taking extreme measures to lose weight for vanity.. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but treat your body good as well and make your primary focus about your health and well-being!!!  I have included a few pic of Ms. Sparks looking fab after her total body transformation… And if you are inspired to get healthy and get in shape think of some fun and creative ways you can start your journey!


Simply Studded

The Rainbow Effect…

13 Jun

Summer is all about vibrant colors, hot weather and loads of fun!!!! In the Summer I love to experiment with nail polish colors…. Right now I am wearing an electric pink polish as I type this post….  🙂

And I have never received so many compliments about my polish until now!!! So have fun, experiment and get crazy with color… Below are a few of my fave colors for the Summer! And please pay attention to names..


Simply Studded

OPI in Call Me Gwen-Ever 

NARS in Amchoor

Essie in Mojito Madness 

Illamasqua Stance 


9 Jun

So recently I gave birth to my first child…. And during the process I decided I wanted to transition from relaxed (permed) hair to natural hair… Now let me set the record straight… I no longer perm my hair but I do still use a flat-iron and I do wear hair extensions from time to time because that’s me…

Recently I came across an amazing product by Carol’s Daughter’s “Transitioning” which is exclusively sold at Sephora. It is a product for women who are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. If you don’t know it is very common for your hair to shed, break or become brittle as you endure your new change. With “Transitioning with Carol’s Daughter’s” your hair is supposed to shed less, be softer and your scalp healthier… I am super excited about this new product and I can’t wait to try it out!!! If anyone as already gave it a try please share your reviews…


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