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2015 Trend Report

7 Jan

Every year I look forward to all the new trends that are set to blaze the scene. Truth is nothing is new, it’s all been done already.  We are all witnessing modified,  revamped versions of what once was the “it” thing. Think about it; from shoes, to handbags and clothing it’s all been done. None the less like a child anticipating a surprise I’m always excited to see whats new!!!! This season brings bold graphic prints, vibrant colors, an artisan vibe that rides a hippie wave and a lot of fearlessness! There will be bold signature pieces that captivate the eye and simple pieces that are understated beauty.

Lets take a look at this years trend forecast!

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New Year… New You….

1 Jan


Out with the old and in with the new… Each year brings in brand new resolutions and the biggest one of all is getting fit! I know I am not the only one who makes this resolution every year. However at my age I am taking it seriously. You will be proud to know I even started a 60 day challenge to get fit (Lord help me). My cupboards and refrigerator are packed with wholesome foods. I have all my vitamins and detox teas ready however the most important part of getting in shape is exercise! Having the right work-out gear is essential.  Believe it or not but having the proper sneaker can make all the difference in your work-out. Reebok has some great gear and not to mention it’s fashionable.

Whether you enjoy a sprint or a power-walk there is a sneaker right for you. Below are a few of my faves however you can also  check out the entire website at

Happy New You For 2015!


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Under Fire…..

11 Sep

Well Abercrombie&Fitch is back in the news again for news of discrimination….. February 23, 2010 Umme-Han Khan sued the company for alleged work place discrimination. According Umme-Han Khan a Muslim who was practicing her religious beliefs by wearing a hijab (scarf).  First she was asked to wear headscarves in Hollister colors only, which she agreed  to do. However, in February, she  was informed that her hijab violated Abercrombie’s  “ overall look policy,” an internal dress code, and she was told she would be taken off  schedule unless she removed her headscarf while at work. According to the EEOC, Khan was fired on Feb.  23, 2010, for refusing to take off the hijab  that her religious beliefs compelled her to wear. Prior to being fired Khan was kept in the stock room out of the publics eye. This is not the first lawsuit for the company allegedly a disabled student won a wrongful dismissal case against the company. Riam Dean claimed she was forced to work behind the scenes in a stockroom because she has a prosthetic arm. Then in Scotland, Abercrombie & Fitch has come under fire for launching a recruitment drive for “cool, good-looking people” at one of its stores. Flash forward to today in South Korea there was a new store opening for Hollister a division of Abercrombie and Fitch. An “All American Male Model” was seen taking pictures mocking Asians by making his eyes slanted. He then took pictures and posted them on Twitter after which he mocked the Asian accent to comment to his fellow friends. The company presented a statement that the model was fired however, I personally feel like Abercromibe&Fitch has created this atmosphere or culture of discrimination. The company as a whole is focused on image and beautiful people… But who determines what is “beautiful” or “good-looking”??? In a society where so many of our young people have self-esteem issues what image are we really trying to portray to our young? I can guarantee one thing they will NEVER get my money…. People we make the difference in the image they display if we stop supporting them they will have no choice but to re-evaluate what their brand represents….

Just something to think about…..


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Trend Alert Fall 2012….

9 Sep

So generally we choose one item to focus on for our trend alert but instead we decided to do an overall Fall 2012 trend guide…. There are trends for fashion, hair , color and shoes….

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Enjoy Love’s,

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All things leather is SUPER HOT!!!

Pointy Heels are BACK!!!

The color “Cobalt Blue”…. HUGE

A little lace is all the RAVE….

The look is “Super Laid Back”….

Maculine mixed with feminine….

The style.. Messy Hair Bun

Things That Make You Say Hmm…

2 Sep

So Rihanna is in the news again for poor publicity… This time the media is slamming her outfit of choice. While partying in London Rih Rih was spotted wearing thigh high snake skin boots sending PETA into a frenzy… Animal activist everywhere are pissed off at Rihanna’s outfit of choice. I have to weigh in on this discussion because I am a fan of Rihanna and I do love her personal style…. In retrospect I completely understand PETA’s stand on animal cruelty and I support it… Trust and believe, I love animals…. However I must admit I feel PETA at times can takes things to a whole extreme level…  I understand their passion for protecting animals and stopping animal cruelty however I also support people’s right to choose what’s best for them….

I am not sure if you remember the craze Peta fan who threw a bag of mysterious white powdery substance on Kim Kardsahian as she walked the red carpert or the infamous paint throwers who feel the need to soil people’s fur coats in a act of standing for animal rights…. Instead of teaching people about the cruelty of animals certain people choose to use force, harmful words or violence to make a statement… Which is doing nothing but creating a bigger problem… Dont get me wrong I am not saying EVERYONE at PETA is running around  throwing red paint. But I personally feel instead of insulting one another, teach one another…. reported that  the PETA spokesperson stated that Rihanna’s recent  admittance to still loving her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, saying the singer “may  not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often  nailed to a  tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to  cry about  it.” Now that’s a low blow in my opinion…. Instead of being mad at Rihanna maybe that anger should be directed towards the designer who made the boot…

The moral of this story is USE your words carefully people… You can gain so much more by speaking to another in the spirit of love and teaching one another versus speaking out of anger and malice… I love animals too but it doesn’t help solve the problem by taking cheap shoots at one another… Take a look at the boots and share your thoughts..

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Trend Alert: Choke Hold…

1 Sep

So you have probably caught a glimpse of the newest fashion trend…. It’s all about decorative collar’s… There is no need for a necklace or much jewelry with this hot fashion trend!!! Take a look at a few of my faves..


Simply Studded

Just Kicking It….

21 Aug

The evolution of Adidas over these past years has been phenomenal… Adidas has went from being three black lines and a shell top, to the infamous inspiration behind Run DMC’s “My Adidas”! Adidas is not just kicks (sneakers) anymore, they have high-end designers like Jeremy Scott, celebrity endorsers such as Nicki Minaj and Big Sean and everything from apparel, to sneakers to accessories!!! There is truly something for the whole family. I saw a pair of baby’s high top sneakers I must buy for my son and a few thinks for myself and his dad… Well take a look at a few of my picks just for my fellas.


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Kicking it Old School…

18 Aug

So if you saw Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” video or Nicki Minaj “Right by my Side” video then you have caught a glimpse of the latest trend in women’s shoes… The wedge sneaker. It’s a super chic step-up to wearing regular kicks… The trend has been taken by storm with designers such as Jeffery Campbell, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and ASH (just to name a few) adding their latest renditions to the fad… Here are a look at a few of my top picks..


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11 Aug

A little sugar and spice and everything nice… This look is a mix of rock & roll and super chic…. An edgy motorcycle jacket is paired with a basic tank top and flowy skirt… Add a pair of ankle boots, super cute clutch and some simple jewels for a completed look. The hair is a high volume up-do…


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Mars Vs Venus…

7 Aug

So before we know it Fall will be upon us and there will be no more hot sunny days… However we will always have hot fashion style!!!! A huge trend that is underway is the masculine play of femininity… We have seen it throughout the years but this Fall it will explode on the screen as designers take male influences in a very feminine way… There is the boyfriend jean and blazer as well as an influence on the plaid button-up and everyday accessories. Take a look at a few of my faves provided by


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