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Manus x Machina

4 May



The MET Gala is one of the most exciting times in New York City for a fashionista.  All the Elite come together adorning their best! This years theme was Manus x Machina; Fashion in the face of technology.  It was a mix of the practical with a modern scientific edge. It brought a New World Order feel to the runway and the stars shined bright. My fave for the night was Claire Dane’s dress which was designed by Zac Posen and had actual LED lighting. She lit up the runway literally and metaphorical. Take a look at some of my favorites below…







NEW YORK, NY - MAY 02:  Gigi Hadid (L) and Zayn Malik attend the "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)






*Images provided by Getty and Eonline.

Just Peachy….

23 Feb

If you where watching the Oscar’s last night then you know the theme for the night was nudes, peach and light baby pinks. It was a full on display of girl power in the sweetest way. Two of my faves were Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Saldana… They looked so elegant and absolutely regal. I also loved Oprah’s figure flattering dress. It held each curve with precision. What were some of your favorite looks of the evening. See my top picks below…







Beyond The Blonde Wig……

10 Feb


So everyone was buzzing about the Grammy’s however I was stuck on one thing; SIA’s performance…. I am such a fan however in every live performance I have seen her in she is hiding her face. It’s intriguing, it’s mysterious and it’s empowering. Unless you’re stuck under a rock you have heard SIA’s hit single “chandelier”. This gives a clear vision of her past battle with alcoholism after the death of an ex-boyfriend.

SIA admitted to drowning her sorrow and pain in alcohol, however finding recovery in a 12 step program helped her in her song writing abilities. What people don’t know is SIA is an amazing writer! She has written some of your favorite hit songs. Such as Diamonds for Rhianna, Pretty Hurts for Beyoncé, and Wild Ones for Flo Rida and my all-time favorite Titanium which she co-wrote with David Guetta. SIA never wanted the spotlight; she was quite comfortable being behind the scenes. She was thrust to fame so quickly at a pace she wasn’t comfortable with. So she took the situation in her own hands… She hides her face, she doesn’t do press and she refuses to be photographed unless her face is covered. Why you ask? Because she didn’t want to be forced into stardom. She wants to set the rules for her life and honestly as weird as it sounds… I love it!!! Watching her perform with her back to the audience was liberating to me. It made me think of that 1 carnal rule “To thy own self be true”.

Get into her music at the link provided




2015 Golden Globe Fashion Slay……

12 Jan


I have to admit the only reason why I watch award shows is to see the fashion… In this area I am guilty as charged. But to me the red carpet is the highlight of the show. I love to see all the looks put together and complete. This years Golden Globe’s didn’t disappoint at all. My faves were Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin, Latin sensation Jennifer Lopez, HTGAWM Viola Davis and Reese Withertherspoon to name a few. They came to slay the red carpet and that they did! There were a few misses which will remain anonymous, all I can say is a bread and a dress not my fave combination. However I digress, lets just enjoy all the beautiful ladies who came to represent class and sophistication. Pictures below provided by








Under Fire…..

11 Sep

Well Abercrombie&Fitch is back in the news again for news of discrimination….. February 23, 2010 Umme-Han Khan sued the company for alleged work place discrimination. According Umme-Han Khan a Muslim who was practicing her religious beliefs by wearing a hijab (scarf).  First she was asked to wear headscarves in Hollister colors only, which she agreed  to do. However, in February, she  was informed that her hijab violated Abercrombie’s  “ overall look policy,” an internal dress code, and she was told she would be taken off  schedule unless she removed her headscarf while at work. According to the EEOC, Khan was fired on Feb.  23, 2010, for refusing to take off the hijab  that her religious beliefs compelled her to wear. Prior to being fired Khan was kept in the stock room out of the publics eye. This is not the first lawsuit for the company allegedly a disabled student won a wrongful dismissal case against the company. Riam Dean claimed she was forced to work behind the scenes in a stockroom because she has a prosthetic arm. Then in Scotland, Abercrombie & Fitch has come under fire for launching a recruitment drive for “cool, good-looking people” at one of its stores. Flash forward to today in South Korea there was a new store opening for Hollister a division of Abercrombie and Fitch. An “All American Male Model” was seen taking pictures mocking Asians by making his eyes slanted. He then took pictures and posted them on Twitter after which he mocked the Asian accent to comment to his fellow friends. The company presented a statement that the model was fired however, I personally feel like Abercromibe&Fitch has created this atmosphere or culture of discrimination. The company as a whole is focused on image and beautiful people… But who determines what is “beautiful” or “good-looking”??? In a society where so many of our young people have self-esteem issues what image are we really trying to portray to our young? I can guarantee one thing they will NEVER get my money…. People we make the difference in the image they display if we stop supporting them they will have no choice but to re-evaluate what their brand represents….

Just something to think about…..


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Short, Short Chick….

14 Aug

So Miley Cyrus recently took to twitter to show of her new hairdo.. A super short bleached blonde edgy cut that is so not your typical ‘”Miley Cyrus” look… However Miley stated on twitter that she “feels more like her self (with the new hair cut) than she has ever felt”! Maybe she will be like Rhianna a good girl gone bad and her notoriety will go sky-high because of her new look. I think the look has to grow on me but it’s not a bad look for Miley…

Take a look at a few pics below…


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Fingertip Fetish by Adrienne Bailon…

22 Jul

Adrienne Bailon recently released her new nail polish line “Fingertip Fetish”…. An edgy mix of color that represents the gritty streets of New York… Her launch party was back in May leaving many consumers awaiting the arrival of her luscious colors in stores…. So far many celebrities have been seen rocking her polish and from the looks of it she has a quality product on the line… Take a look at a few pics…


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Shapen Up……

21 Jul

So recently after having a baby I decided it’s time to lose weight…. I have always been a curvy girl however after the additional weight gain during my pregnancy I’m not liking the reflection staring back at me in the mirror! Dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE MYSELF and I Love my curves! However I am unhappy  with myself at this weight… I recently saw a magazine article with Jordin Sparks new weight lost and she looks amazing!!!! Jordin lost over 30 lbs taking her from a size 14 to a size 8. That is some serious commitment. Jordin also stated the weight loss was for her self-esteem as well as a desire to be healthy… Many times we hear about people taking extreme measures to lose weight for vanity.. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but treat your body good as well and make your primary focus about your health and well-being!!!  I have included a few pic of Ms. Sparks looking fab after her total body transformation… And if you are inspired to get healthy and get in shape think of some fun and creative ways you can start your journey!


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The Dark Knight Rises Premiere…

17 Jul

One of the most anticipated movies for 2012 is definitely “The Dark Knight Rises”… There is so much buzz going about this movie, that I can’t wait for it to hit theaters this Friday. It is the premier blockbuster movie for the Summer…. The NY Premiere took place tonight and all the stars were out… Take a look at a few celebs on the red carpet. Images provided by Getty Images and


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Made In America…… Not Anymore….

14 Jul

So Ralph Lauren is under a lot of scrutiny for the USA teams uniforms. Mr. Lauren has a contractual agreement to create the uniforms for the USOC until 2020. The outfits of course are full of patriotic pride until you see the label “Made In China“….. The label has created so much controversy amongst Congress and Americans alike. At a time when employment is at an all time low many feel that Ralph Lauren could have had the outfits created here instead of out sourcing to China. That could have easily created a few jobs in the USA. Not to mention the overall pride of being made in the US of A….. Ralph Lauren released a statement that all future USOC uniforms will be made in America. He also stated “Ralph Lauren promises to lead the conversation within our industry and our government to address the issue to increase manufacturing in the United States”…. With so much out sourcing there are very few things created in USA.

I would like to hear your comments on this.. Do you think it is an issue that the uniforms were made in China or is the whole argument trivial? Please weigh in loves!!


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