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Versace for H&M!!!!!

27 Jun

Now we all know that H&M has partnered with fashion houses such as Lanvin and Jimmy Choo in the past.  Well now they are collaborating with none other than Versace!!!  That’s right fashionistas, Versace will be the next luxury brand to join the H&M family.

Designed by creative director Donatella Versace, the exclusive collection will be breathtaking!  Take a look at Donatella below in one of the designs for Versace for H&M.

Donatella Versace

The collection is said to be in stores by November of this year.  The collection will have pieces for men, women, and the home.  I am excited about this one!  Here are a few pieces that you can look forward to having this fall!

Versace did not forget about the fellas:)

Get excited people!!!!

Cowgirl Fierce!

25 Jun

Miss Sasha Fierce herself has channeled a new look in Essence magazine’s July issue.  Beyonce has an amazing interview in this issue and talks of her year on hiatus away from the states and how it has changed her life.  It is a good read and the photo shoot is gorgeous.  Beyonce is a Houston, Texas girl so I am not shocked at how well she plays the role of a cowgirl:)  Take a look at a few glamorous shots below!

Owwwwww! I heart it!  What do you think?  Is Mrs. Carter aka “King B” nailing this fashion spread?  Yay or Nay?

Cosmetics by Tom Ford!!!!

20 Jun

Guess what fashionistas??!!!  The designer we love to love, Mr. Tom Ford is now launching a cosmetic and skin care line!  Exciting right!!!!  The line will launch in September and I am sure it will be fab!  Tom Ford is a brilliant designer, so I can only predict good things from this line:)  Take a look at the beauty campaign below.  The designer himself is featured;)  Doesn’t he look scrumptous:)
Looking Good Tom!!!
Fire Engine Red!! Yummy!!
Oooh La La:)
I know I’m excited about this line…give me some feedback lovies:)

Trend Alert: Braids!!!!

18 Jun
Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever you wanna call them, there is an absolute rising trend for them.  We’re not talking, low key, micro braids….no ladies we are talking “big, chunky, 1990’s Janet in Poetic Justice braids” LOL:)
Some believe this look to be old and out dated, but I love it!  It has this sexy, bohemian vibe.  Braids are perfect for the summer because they are low maintenance and give our natural tresses a  break from the abuse we tend to give it.  When rocking this hairstyle we can put away all the curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and all the other damaging hair tools we fashionistas swear by.  We can rock this look with no fear!
 The best part: there is no need for hours at the salon!!!  Random size parts are welcomed because this style is carefree.  There is no need to be perfect and the longer the better.  “Super, super long” to be exact, is the goal!
So my fashionistas, tell me what you think.  Will you be taking it back to the days of Moesha aka Brandy????  Will you be rocking some box braids????

Trend Alert: Hand Armour!!!!

13 Jun

Ladies!!!  Do you see Bey’s hand armour?  Those rings I do love!

Yummy right?!!!!

Well this season is all about beautiful jewelry.  Bold colors, shiny gems, and eye catching shapes are the way to go when deciding on what ring to wear.  And don’t be afraid of size!  The bigger the better fashionistas!!!

In the words of Rachel Zoe: “I die! I die!  I just die!!!!!”

Green with Envy!

11 Jun

Green with Envy!  That’s how I feel when I see all these jewels.  Now everyone loves the traditional diamond accent jewelry, but for the summer why not wear emeralds???  I absolutely love the way it adds a little charm to any outfit.  Take a look below at some celebs who are wearing their emeralds with class:)

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Now fashionistas you don’t have to go out and spend a pretty penny just to rock some “green”.  You can easily visit stores such as Forever 21, Afaze, or even Macy’s to pick up some emerald costume jewelry:)  You won’t be sorry!

Lingerie as Outerwear?!

6 Jun

As the weather gets warmer, more individuals feel the need to wear as little clothing as possible.  Some are even wearing their lingerie out!  Now this look may sound a bit risque to some, but if done right it can have a charming and delicate look.

How do you feel about the “lingerie as outerwear” look?  Let us know!

Trend Alert: Chokers!

4 Jun

“Chokers?!”  Yea, exactly what I said, but in some strange way I’m feeling this look.  Take a look at some gems I found to give you fashionistas some inspiration.

Tell me how you feel Lovies!  Yay or Nay??!!!  It’s a “yay” for me….what can I say..I like it “Kanye shrug*

Nose Chains!

30 May

Remember when the lovely Janet would rock nose chains back in the 90’s?

Well a few fashionistas are bringing this look back and I love it!  The nose chain is traditionally worn by women in India as jewelry for special occasions, such as wedding ceremonies.

Today fashionistas are stepping up the standard nose chain design and turning this piece of jewelry into something exotic and trendy.  Take a look at some fashionistas rocking their nose chains with swaggg♥

Sexy, Original, Daring…I like ♥

Trend Alert: Fishtail Pony!

28 May

Well fashionistas it is getting pretty humid out and I know that could equal to a bad hair day:(  But have no fear!  I found a cute new way to have your hair looking good no matter what the weather.  Why not try the “Fishtail Pony”?!!!  It’s a twist to the regular boring “braid” and it looks hawt!  Take a look!

Many of your favorite celebrities have also been rocking this sexy hair style!


Angela Simmons

Rhi Rhi

Leona Lewis

Kelly Osbourne

Cute right??!!!!!!!  I even found a “how to” video so that you can do this style with ease.  Watch and enjoy guys!:)