Style 101

25 May

maxresdefault     This concept of style can mean so many things…. In todays society fashion has no rules, boundaries or limitations. If you look to Social Media or others to find your fashion sense you could be lost… Its not easy to be true to self and find your personal style and identity but its not rocket science either..


Imagine being able to hire a stylist to do all the leg work for you. Would you? With so many amazing websites you don’t even have to leave your house. Take a personal survey online, add your measurements and “whoa la“! They put together looks you will be sure to like. It takes the hassle off of you and you get new clothes every month so that’s a great deal.

How do you guys feel about personal styling services. Is it something you would subscribe too? Do you think its worth the risk? Is one-on-one services better? I’m eager to hear your perspective on this. I will saw it has created a great niche market and has helped many who struggle with shopping be fashionistas.

Some of my favorite styling sites are:

Gwynnie Bee:

Stitch Fix:

Rent The Runway:

This is to only name a few! I look forward to hearing from you guys…

Until next time.

Ciao, Simply Studded


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