Under Fire…..

11 Sep

Well Abercrombie&Fitch is back in the news again for news of discrimination….. February 23, 2010 Umme-Han Khan sued the company for alleged work place discrimination. According Umme-Han Khan a Muslim who was practicing her religious beliefs by wearing a hijab (scarf).  First she was asked to wear headscarves in Hollister colors only, which she agreed  to do. However, in February, she  was informed that her hijab violated Abercrombie’s  “ overall look policy,” an internal dress code, and she was told she would be taken off  schedule unless she removed her headscarf while at work. According to the EEOC, Khan was fired on Feb.  23, 2010, for refusing to take off the hijab  that her religious beliefs compelled her to wear. Prior to being fired Khan was kept in the stock room out of the publics eye. This is not the first lawsuit for the company allegedly a disabled student won a wrongful dismissal case against the company. Riam Dean claimed she was forced to work behind the scenes in a stockroom because she has a prosthetic arm. Then in Scotland, Abercrombie & Fitch has come under fire for launching a recruitment drive for “cool, good-looking people” at one of its stores. Flash forward to today in South Korea there was a new store opening for Hollister a division of Abercrombie and Fitch. An “All American Male Model” was seen taking pictures mocking Asians by making his eyes slanted. He then took pictures and posted them on Twitter after which he mocked the Asian accent to comment to his fellow friends. The company presented a statement that the model was fired however, I personally feel like Abercromibe&Fitch has created this atmosphere or culture of discrimination. The company as a whole is focused on image and beautiful people… But who determines what is “beautiful” or “good-looking”??? In a society where so many of our young people have self-esteem issues what image are we really trying to portray to our young? I can guarantee one thing they will NEVER get my money…. People we make the difference in the image they display if we stop supporting them they will have no choice but to re-evaluate what their brand represents….

Just something to think about…..


Simply Studded

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