Fruit, the process from garden to yummy leathers.

30 Aug

Summer camp has been over and there are just a few more days until the first bell rings for school. The kids are bored at home and are in need of productive things to keep them busy. A fun day of cooking can be the answer. But it doesn’t have to start in the kitchen. You can make a day of it and let your child be involved in the whole process to keep them intrigued and see a project from start to completion. (BTW this will be a lunchbox snack favorite ;-))

As far as I know all children like “Fruit Roll Ups”, but have they ever thought of how they are made? This is not rocket science. You can start the journey by taking them to a farmers market and allow them to pick their own fruit. Farmers markets tend to be nicer and more exciting than most supermarkets. It would probably be even more fun if there is a fruit tree in the garden to pick from. Next teach them how to clean and peel the fruit before starting the following cooking process. Fruit leathers can be made with any kind of fruit that your heart desires, you can even add spices to give the flavor more depth. Here is one recipe that will give you the simplest form of fruit leathers.

Black Velvet Apricot Fruit Leathers

Black Velvet Apricot Fruit Leathers

10 Cups of Black Velvet Apricots
½ Cup of Sugar

Wash, pit, peel, and cut up apricots. Place the apricots in a blender and blend until smooth. In a saucepan heat the pureed fruit with sugar until syrupy, keeping the heat just below boiling. Remove from the heat and let the fruit cool. Cover 2 baking sheets (with rimmed edges) with plastic wrap. Pour the cooled fruit onto the baking sheets to within ½ inch of the edges. Cover the baking sheets with cheesecloth, not allowing the cheesecloth to touch the fruit. Set the baking sheets in a 140° F oven for 8-12 hours, until the fruit leather peels away easily from the plastic wrap. (Yu can also dry the fruit by using the “dehydrate” setting in a convection oven. Let the fruit leather cool and dry. Roll up the fruit leathers with plastic wrap still attached and cut to desired widths. This recipe makes about 20 servings.

I hope you and your children enjoy this simple yet fun recipe.

Here are more Fruit Leather ideas…

Raspberry-Banana Fruit Leather

Tangerine-Mango Fruit Leathers

Plum-Berry Balsamic Fruit Leathers

Mango-Lime Fruit Leathers

Raspberry Fruit Leathers

Mmm take a bite out of that!

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  1. Sofie August 31, 2012 at 5:11 am #

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! 🙂

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