Act Like A Lady….

7 May

Steve Harvey’s critical acclaimed movie “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” has hit box offices and taken them by storm!!! Mr. Harvey has ha the #1 selling movie this past week and all I can say is “You Go Boy”!!! I am so happy for Steve and the entire cast of the movie… Megan Good recently starred in the movie and she looked AMAZING during the movies premiere in a flowy white gown…. personally I have never seen Megan looking this good. But it can be due to recent wedding bells. Megan’s long-standing boyfriend DeVon Franklin recently proposed and from what the rumor mill states they are both smitten. The two met on the filming on “Jumping the Broom” which DeVon produced and the two have been together ever since…. Not to mention he is a Seven Day Adventist….. We wish them all the best..

Now let’s get into this fashion!!!!! Megan was seen in this amazing flowy gown which made her look ethereal….. To recreate this look,  I found a similar dress by one of my Fave designers Rachel Gilbert…. Rachel Gilbert’s dress has that light, airiness that is so evident in Megan Good’s red carpet look….


Simply Studded

 Rachel Gilbert “Ashleigh Dress”


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