Models Nurture Music Careers!

27 Apr

More and more models are dabbling into the music career. In fact, a lot of celebrities whether they are singers or actors/actress are getting into different areas of the entertainment business.

If you are an actor/actress you are singing and vice versa. Now let’s get straight to the point…Miranda Kerr who has had a very successful career told the British Vogue, “I have recorded a couple of songs, actually, that no one knows about! You probably won’t hear them but I love to sing!” She refused to discuss the genre or titles, but “açai” does rhyme with “you and me.” This is the stuff of a chart-topping album. also got caught up with Ruby Aldridge at Coachella, who mentioned that her band, “tentatively called Texture,” held its first concert at an art opening in New York a few months back.

Do you think singers should be acting or actors/actress should be singing? Should everyone just embrace their original talent and  not try to cross function into any other genre? What do you think studded fans? I wanna hear from everyone.

Miranda Kerr "Acting"

Ruby Aldridge on the cover of Bazaar


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