Self Indulge In T.L.C……..

17 Apr


So it’s officially flip-flop season, its hot, sunny and those toes need a breather. But before you can set those toes free you need to get them in tip-top shape.  And here is how your going to do it…. Are you ready? Get your pen and paper ready!


*Foot Bath (Can I recommend Homedics Hydro-Therapy Foot Spa one word AMAZING)

* A foot kit that consists of a good pumice stone, nail clipper, nail file, cuticle oil and cutter. (Most 99 cent stores sell this complete minus the oil for $1.00)

* Foot soap/salts (I swear by Dr. Teals Peppermint Foot Soak, the smell is enticing and it will leave your feet feeling refreshed, clean and rejuvenated).

* A foot lotion or balm (Flexitol Heel Balm is not glamorous but it works! It can turn those roughed, cracked feet into smooth bottoms in 2 weeks).

* Last a polish…. You can go crazy here there are so many nail polishes out now but I LOVE Essie “Mamba” its my go-to color.

Ladies I know its easy to go the Spa or nail salon and get a pedicure but there is something nice and special about taking time to do it yourself or having your special mate treat you right!!!! If you choose to take my advice and self indulge in pampering let me know how it goes.


Simply Studded








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