Shop Til You Drop: Jewelz…..

8 Apr

So recently I launched my on-line store through Big Cartel yayyyyyyyyyy (in my SUPER excited voice)!!!! It has been my dream for sometime to have my own boutique… However due to circumstances I had to do the on-line store route for now. I am not one to have my dream differed.. So when life presented me with lemons I decided to squeeze it on a lobster… Moral of the story…. Just because one door is close doesn’t mean you can’t jump out the window.

With that philosophy I pushed forward and now I have my own on-line store and I am selling jewelry or as I like to say “jewelz“…  However I will be selling women’s apparel, shoes and accessories very soon so stay tuned! There is a little something for everyone and the prices are cheap and affordable. I ship to anywhere domestic…. Here are a few pictures of merchandise in stock. Take a look and let me know your thoughts, I love to hear from you all… And while your there SHOP!!!!



Simply Studded


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