Madgey Is Back At It Again!!!

7 Apr

So Madonna aka Madgey has released a new fragrance“Truth or Dare” exclusively through Macy’s. So far Madgey has been under much scurnity for her “risqué” advertisement. However I am surprised that people are actually SHOCKED… This is Madonna people! She is known for taking it to the edge ….. HELLO

Am I the only person not surprised? Lets review the history of America’s Cover Girl… She performed wearing a gold cone-shaped bra, kissed both Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Music Awards and recorded a song titled “Like a Virgin”….  Just to name a few of her head turning  stunts. Are we REALLY SUPRISED?

I dare say not…. Madonna is a risk taker, trend-setter and pretty much does whatever MADGEsty wants. At 54 years old and looking like the bombshell she does I say let her have her fun… The fragrance retails from $55 to $68 dollars USD and rumours to smell like unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods, vanilla and caramelized amber. It is a sensual, contemporary fragrance for todays modern women. Take a look at the commercial provided by Extra and weigh in…..


Simply Studded

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