Kinda Obsessed… In a Good Way…

31 Mar

So the other night I was watching 106 and Park which I generally no longer do for various reason… However I am so happy I did!!! Have you ever been in the presence of someone who had an aura or a light about them that you found so fascinating? I was watching TV and they introduced this young women by the name of Jessica Reedy an upcoming Gospel artist who was a contestant on BET’s Sunday Best and I was in AWE!!!!

She was so joyful, her presence light up the room. It’s funny because I am a Christian and my pastor always says we should live in such a way that God is reflected off of us, kind of like a mirror. When you see her, standing there with this bright contiguous smile, full of joy all I could see was my father’s Glory shining all over her. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Jessica is a singer and funny enough I am a fan of her music without even ever seeing her face. I usually listen to 1190 a Christian radio station so I have heard her songs(Put it on the altar) but seeing her, seeing her face, her light shinning…. WOW…. It made me just want to know her story a little more….

She shared on 106 and Park that she had a child at a young age out-of-wedlock and felt so ashamed, alone, and broken within herself but that was where GOD found her and brought her out…. I dont share this to damage her character but to share her testimony, her story.  Often times we make poor choices and decisions  and get lost in the journey of life but know that NO SITUATION is too difficult for God. I am not preaching to anyone just sharing some of this beautiful young women’s light into the world. She is a PHENOMENAL singer… Her music is just soothing to the soul and her raspy, brassy voice flows so melancholic over the beats. I have to share a song she sang titled “Blue God” written by my next fave Mali Music where the song describes how selfish our relationship can be with God at times. Take a minute and listen and I challenge you all to look her up and support her music. You wont be disappointed!


Simply Studded


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