The Gullah Way: Lessons in Rich Land, History, & Food

29 Mar

Have you ever heard of Daufuskie Island or the Gullah people? I love to study other cultures, so I was delighted when I came across a book by the name of Cooking the Gullah Way Morning, Noon, and Night. Here the author Sallie Ann Robinson recalls memories from her childhood in the 1960’s growing up on the island of Daufuskie off of the Atlantic coast from the Carolina’s to Florida. This group of islands may better be known as “The Sea Islands.”  With her vivid memories, Robinson a “beenya” (native) takes you to the land she once knew as her childhood playground, and to the kitchens of her mother, grandmother, and other native islanders where she learned some awesome “Geechee” recipes.

I suggest this book if you are ready to try some recipes that may seem a little familiar, comfortingly traditional, and absolutely mouthwatering. Some of the recipes include…

Down Home Fruity Pancakes

Open- Face Crabmeat Sandwich

Momma’s Preserved Okra and Tomatoes

Pork chops with Cornbread Stuffing

Not only will you find recipes that will entice your taste buds, but you will also have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about a people with a vibrant culture and rich heritage.

Here is a bonus video of Ms. Sallie Ann Robinson talking about her love for cooking.

Mmm Take a bite out of that!

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