DYI: All “Spiked” Up……

28 Feb

A huge trend that began last year was spikes…. We were seeing spikes on everything…. The most notable were Christian Louboutin spiked heels… In fact they are still a huge seller. However if you are like the rest of us you don’t have $1500 or more to dish out on a pair of shoes…. So what do you do??? Well you get creative and make your own customized shoes that can fit your personality and your BUDGET!!!!

Imnopeas has created an amazing DYI video showing you how to achieve high style with affordable pricing. Keep in mind you can change-up the design to suit your personal style so get funky, get creative and have fun!!!!

*Check out Imnopeas videos on she has ton of cool DYI video’s for the diva in you!


Simply Studded

Tool List:

Power Drill

Drill Bit- size depends on the screws you use

1” Thin Tree Spike (2 bags)

1” Cone Spike (2 bags)

3/8 ” Black Metal Punk Spikes 100 pk.


Pair of heels


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