Natty Pon Deh Front Line…..

18 Feb

So I have a serious obession with locs lately….. Don’t ask me why, or where it comes from but I am intrigued. I remember as a child my mother tried to loc my hair but at the time I was too young and really not into it. But I remember my mother’s friend Sofia had long locs down her back and I loved playing in her hair. Fast forward to the future I have been doing research on locs because I am having a hard time parting with the free feeling of my hair. I love to feel a comb through my hair and scrub my scalp… So I came to the conclusion that I may do loc extensions. Since I have my commitment issues at least I can get the feel of having locs without the full commitment of locking my hair…. I have provided a few photos and a video to show you how loc extensions are done..


Simply Studded


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