2012 Grammy Recap… My Thoughts…

14 Feb

So yesterday was the Grammy’s and while everyone took to the internet to share their ideas on the good, bad and unforgettable I choose to wait a day….. I kind of feel indifferent writing this post. I am such a LOVER of fashion….. I know a lot of people say that but honestly I get a thrill from fashion that words can never describe. As a young girl I looked forward to award shows to see what celebrities were wearing now….. When I walk the streets of New York I am captivated by everyone’s personal style and as a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, my best days were simply walking the campus to see how fashion abound…

With all that said I was VERY disappointed with the Grammy’s….. There were a few celebrities that shimmered and shine but nothing like I expected. Lately I feel like celebrities have taken antics to amuse us by wearing costumes…. In my opinion a costume does not equate FASHION….. I know many people will say well they are getting attention and people are talking about them so that’s good publicity…. Well that may be true but I rather a person talk about me with dignity then say I looked like a circus act. I don’t believe in writing negative press so this is no means to offend anyone… This is simply a fashion lover’s outcry to say let’s get back to FASHION…. Let’s get back to those breathtaking moments when a celebrity would walk the red carpet and we would all be mesmerized… Let’s get back to where your fashion was apart of your personality not a gimmick to sell records……

With that being said I won’t be completely cynical there were a few celebrities that peaked my interest… I LOVE all things Adele… Her 50’s style that bleached blonde hair and thick full lashes…. GORGEROUS….. I love Adam Levine he looked like a sophisticated gentleman but daringly sexy!!!! I loved Jessie J she sparkled with simplicity and looked amazing… Here are a few pictures provided by Getty images.


Simply Studded


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