Get The Look: Heartbreak 808

29 Jan

So the count down to lady-love is here… In a few days it will be February and that much closer to Valentines Day…. I know it is all about love and sharing it with your significant other. However if you are single and still on the prowl you can dress up like a sweet vixen and enjoy the day with your girls over drinks and dinner. I paired a cute, girly mid-waist skirt with a denim jacket to add that bit of edge, along with a Moschino cheap and chic red heart tee-shirt, some fab Louboutins and vintage Chanel jewelry. I know it is designer over-load but all these looks can be found through more affordable retailers like Forever 21 and H&M. The shoes on the other hand will be hard to duplicate but Aldo generally has a few fashion forward finds. The hairstyle I pegged with this look is luxurious, sassy, full curls and I like the fact the front is a little pinned to the side adding that sexy pin-up girl flare. Ladies just because you don’t have a significant other on Valentines Day doesn’t mean you can’t dress-up and feel good!!!!!


Simply Studded




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