Preppy Perfection: Brad Goreski

24 Dec

I know all the devoted Rachel Zoe fans are going to kill me! But there is definitely something about Brad Goreski. Many of us watched as Brad, back then Rachel Zoe’s assistant rose to fame. No one can deny Brad’s unique style and signature black rim glasses. Brad is what I would like to call ” Preppy Perfection”. The bowtie, glasses and blazer paired with the loafers and fitted jeans are just signature staples of Mr. Goreski. I have to admit that I am a fan of Brad. He has amazing personal style and he  knows how to dress a woman!!! Some of the woman he has styled that I love are Keri Hilson, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, and super-model Liya Kebede. With the debut of his new show Brad, Brad, World scheduled to premier on Bravo Tv; viewers will get to look at Brad make it in the wonderful world of fashion. I am also anxious to see if Brad will address all the controversy between him and Rachel Zoe. Either way I am sure the show will deliver on style!
*Here are a few celebrities styled by Mr. Goreski……
Simply Studded
Liya Kebede
Jessica Alba 
 Christina Ricci

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