Keeping It Real

19 Dec

Friendships are difficult they almost mirror our personal relationships. Like most relationships, our friendships hit highs and lows. There may even be a time you feel like your growing apart. It happens…  That’s life…

But how do you confront those uncomfortable, awkward moments in friendship? By keeping it real… It is essential to any relationship to be upfront and honest. Sometimes you have to address that gorilla in the room.  Real friendships shouldn’t be afraid of confrontation. If you cant confront your friends or engage in real talk then you don’t need to be friends. I pride myself on being real with my girlfriends. Because at the end of the day I know our relationship is based on a solid foundation not a superficial one. I challenge you to think about your friendships and the base it stands on. Do you have real friends? Can you address those tough issues and still be friends?? Something to think about…

Simply Studded

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