More Than Friends

12 Dec

There is one major taboo between friends and that’s keeping it a friendship! You always hear that old saying that men and women can’t be friends. Is that saying really true? I have a lot of male friends who are just friends. However I can admit I had one friend in particular who was “more than a friend”. We never had an actual relationship, nor did we have any physical relationship. However, what we had was a remarkable friendship, the kind where you know each other’s thoughts, and sit up all night talking, laughing, and sharing stories. Secretly I was catching feelings for my “friend”. I wanted to deny it but the reality stared me directly in my face. The funny thing is though he never directly said it, I know he had feelings for me too. I know your probably asking why we never dated. It was simple… I loved him too much, to risk losing him as a friend. I think we were both scared that if a relationship didn’t work, we would lose an amazing friendship. Funny enough we both are happily dating other people and our “amazing” friendship is lacking. Moral to this story… Take chances. You will never know if you are compatible with your “friend” if you don’t try. There is nothing with taking a risk! If you were truly friends before, nothing can break that bond. I am happy in my relationship but I would be a liar if I didn’t say I wonder what we could have become. It’s like that awkward scene in Brown Sugar where Sidney is at Dre’s wedding trying to be supportive and happy for her friend, however inside she is tormented with mixed feelings for her friend… Sometimes it takes a leap of faith.

I want to hear from you. How do you feel about dating your friend? Any success stories??? Please share!


Simply Studded

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