More Bang For Your Buck….

26 Nov

Have you ever been shopping and had a certain look or item in mind and when you find it, it’s two times over your budget!!!!! Doesn’t that feeling just SUCK…. Well no worries loves in this competitive fashion market there is hundreds if not thousands of replicas at prices you can afford. Have you ever heard that old saying “you better shop around”? Well that doesn’t only pertain to relationships it also pertains to purchases you make.

Here is a bit of fashion advice that I use for myself.  Compile a list on your computer favorites of great places to find fashion finds. I have so many places listed such as and to name a few….. Compare your name brand digs to the competitors and see what is out there… It takes a little more effort but so worth the deal. Here is a dress by Rachel Roy which I love priced at $159.00 and I found a replica at Asos which was $99.99 (and includes free shipping and returns). That is over is over $59 dollars in savings…. I don’t know about you but I enjoy saving money and looking fabulous too… Happy hunting loves..


Simply Studded

Rachel Roy “Liza” dress priced at $159.00

TFNC Sequin Dress via Asos priced at $99.99


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