Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

25 Nov

“Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are the two most lucrative days for business owners and big retail giants to cash in on consumers shopping for the holidays. This year is predicted to be one of the biggest. Due to the crumbling economy items are even more discounted. The sale on big electronic items, clothing, jewelry etc., are a better deal than in the past to bring in more consumers into the stores. Retail giant, Walmart is opening as early at 10 pm tonight and others are opening at midnight.  In the prior years, “Black Friday” sales are usually early Friday morning and not on the night of Thanksgiving.

The method behind the madness is to start the sales early and get consumers rushing in to increase revenue. Some retailers use many different tactics to have people lined up in front of the store prior to the sale. For example, they advertise a big item just to get the consumers in the store and then cash in on them purchasing other smaller items as well. Best Buy, Walmart and Target are the biggest retailers who earn the most revenue. There are other smaller retailers and businesses who also participate in the “Black Friday” sales and try to cash in on additional revenue apart from what they normally sell throughout the year.

Besides the consumers who rush through the doors of these retailers, there are others who patiently wait on “Cyber Monday” sales. Personally, I love online shopping and I rather stay home, log online and load up my shopping basket. “Cyber Monday” has its advantages and disadvantages. You may not get to purchase a big ticket item for an extremely low price but there are plenty other items you can get for a great deal right in the comfort of your own home.

I would love to hear from my readers to know if and where they will be shopping this year. What is your big ticket item that you must have and what extras are you going to grab or are you patiently waiting for “Cyber Monday. If you will be out grabbing those sales tonight or tomorrow, have a safe “Black Friday” studded fans!

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