I Use To Love Him….

5 Nov

So there are very few shows I am addicted to… Honestly anyone who knows me personally knows I watch Food Network and HGTV pretty much all day. But I have to admit I have two guilty pleasures I absolutely LOVE!!!! Hit TV show “The Game” and “Love & Hip Hop”. I was super excited to hear that the second season of Love &Hip Hop will be airing November 14 on VH1. I am not a fan of drama however I must admit I love this show. I guess it is because I can see so many women I know and admire in the lives of these women. You have Chrissy the hopeless romantic who is the beau of Rapper Jim Jones. Everytime I see the two of them together I secretly pray that a marriage is on the way. It is obvious to anyone that she loves that man and more importantly that he absolutely loves and adores her. But that thing called fear has often kept us bound.  And has played a apart in Jim asking Chrissy to be his wife. I can’t wait to see where their love takes them in this new season. But I will be on the side line rooting for them both.

Then there is R&B Singer Olivia who has had her shares of ups and downs however she is fighting to work her way back at the top. Last season she had a smash single “December” and then there was nothing…. It left us all wondering when a new single would be released. She has so much talent and a sheer hunger to succeed, I am just wishing her success and happiness on this season…  There is also Emily the jaded love of  Rapper Fabolous. Many have judged her and wonder why she stayed with him (watch season 1 to get the recap). But the truth of the matter is “the heart does what the heart wants“. From the outside it looks easy but ultimately no one is living her life so no one can cast judgement on her decisions.  Lastly there is Somaya…. Somaya came from Los  Angles to pursue her dream of becoming an entertainer. She has the will and drive to take her far however her talent is lacking in my opinion. But it takes a lot of guts to up and move to a new place and pursue your future goals. It will be interesting to see where this season end up. Looking at the line up I see there is two new additions to the crew. There is Kimbella the girlfriend and mother to Rapper Julez Santana’s children and Yandy the Manager of Jim Jones. This season is packed full of action, drama and emotions. I have included a trailer provided by VH1 please keep in mind there is HIGH DRAMA but underneath it all this is real women with real lives so try to look beyond it…


Simply Studded


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