All Tied Up…..

30 Oct

There is nothing more classic than a Bun… It is clean, chic, sophisticated and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I personally love the sloppy bun that comes together so effortlessly. It is so easy to achieve and equates to timeless beauty. I have provided a few images of looks I like and a video by MissCarlos for you to learn how to get the look.


Simply Studded

Sanaa Lathan has that clean, sleek bun to the back displaying flawless style.

 The messy bun that I LOVE… Chic very chic…..

Michael Michele has a gel back clean look… Flawless

The “Classic Bun”… Clean and up-swept… Beautiful

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  1. Get The Look: Holiday Fab « simplystudded - December 21, 2011

    […] dress has high drama in a simplified form I thought a messy bun like the one in the article “All Tied Up” would suit well.  Remember the key to any outfit is confidence so you better […]

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