Wild Thang: Faux Fur

18 Oct

So everyone knows Fur is always in style however there is many of us who want the look of fur without the guilt of knowing an animal was brutally killed in the process. With so much social awareness about animals and protecting their rights it has been embed in our minds the cruelty animals receive for one piece of fur. Well I have found a solution Faux Fur (fake fur). I understand nothing can ever replace the actual look and feel of fur, however there is many designers who have gotten very close! I am a fan of Asos.com and a frequent buyer of their clothing. They offer fashion forward finds at affordable rates. And they have some amazing Faux Fur coats…  Trust me you will love the designs and realistic qualities they represent and not to mention the amazing price! Here are my top looks…


Simply Studded

2 Responses to “Wild Thang: Faux Fur”

  1. dapperdolly at 12:22 am #

    As long as it’s really faux fur, remember to check the label. Dog and cat fur isn’t considered fur buy a lot of labelling standards or at least it wasn’t – though I wouldn’t put it past them to just change the name, they’d lose money otherwise. Happens in food industry all the time.

    • simplystudded at 12:45 am #

      Hey Dapper Dolly all the coats are 100% Fake Fur… But you did bring up a valid point. If you ever see animal hair of any kind being sold has “fake fur” you can make a report to FTC (Federal trade comission) or PETA. Retailers are not allowed to use false advertisment to make a sale that is unethical and illegal.

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