Missoni Mayhem!

16 Sep

Missoni Mayhem to say the least! Italian luxury knitwear Missoni, exclusively designed 400 pieces for Target. This line was detailed with the usual zigzag trademark pattern but these pieces were designed for the cheap chic. Items were priced between $2.99 for stationary to $599.00 for patio furniture, which is just a fraction of the price for the designer’s brand. Usually Missoni is priced at $595.00 to $1,500.

Target partnered with the high-end designer to create a cheaper version of their famous fashion which is definitely not a first. There are many stores in the past that have done the same. For example, H&M once partnered with Jimmy Choo to launch a less expensive version of the Italian designer.

Target worked very hard to create the buzz and marketing around the partnership and the launch of these exclusive products. Prior to the launch, target acquired a temporary store in New York City, which was supposed to carry Missoni products for 3 days, but ended up closing after 6 hours due to items being sold out. Additionally, target.com crashed because the site was overloaded with consumers trying to purchase Missoni merchandise. After the website was up and running, people who placed orders received confirmation but later received an e-mail of their orders being canceled due to items being unavailable to fulfill their order. Stores all over the country received the same turnout which is being compared to  the famous “Black Friday”…What a way to have disgruntled customers.

A spokesperson for target said they may bring a few pieces at a time over the next few months. A lot of items were purchased from  Target and listed on eBay for twice the price tag of the department store giant.  Ebay has almost 1,600 Missoni for Target products. If you want a piece of the pie are you willing to pay the price? If not, keep checking Target stores and their website.

Celebrities were also a part of the mayhem. Actress Busy Phillips, who plays Laura in ABC’s “Cougar Town,” tweeted: “Got the bike. Not the colorful one but still SO EXCITED.”

Below I have included some of my favorite pieces. If you were a part of this Missoni mayhem I would love to hear from you. Did you get a chance to grab any of these exclusive Missoni items? I did!

And now for the item that I purchased….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

They are soft and comfortable inside! Perfect for the workplace and I absolutely love the pattern. Hey! I had to get a piece of the pie..Why not?

4 Responses to “Missoni Mayhem!”

  1. Lilia Peraza September 16, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    So, I spent about $700, for my son, my hubby and myself. My husband and son loved the sweaters and the socks. Returned today about $270 worth of merchandise. The carry on went back to the store, in a month you’ll see hundreds of them all over the airport, I rather continue using my Samsonite. The laptop sleeve, overpriced, so back it went. The pumps, did not expect much quality for $39… but, I found no quality at all…so back they went. No, nothing went for sale on ebay, just took them to the store, put an ad in Craigslist in South Florida, just listing the items and the store I was returning them to, perhaps someone that really wanted the items saw my ad and picked them up after I returned them. I still have several composition books, the clipboard, pencils, several journals, the bathroom black and white rug, 6 martini glasses (love them), a black and white hand towel and the travel tote in black and white. Also got the travel tote in the color pattern but it is meant for a gift in Christmas. I am probably taking back the flats tomorrow, still thinking about it.

    • Fab-u-licious September 17, 2011 at 12:56 am #

      Hey Lilia! You were definitely a part of the mayhem. Thanks for your thorough response. I did not get a chance to get any items for my home, but I am sure your guests will be delighted when you entertain. Keep an eye out for more articles on all the latest in fashion etc., from our blog. Thanks again for checking in!

  2. Coco Rivers September 18, 2011 at 12:58 am #


    My heart is broke as I was was completely clueless until the day of. Needless to say, I am emptyhanded lol but I shall persevere. I am loving da HELL outta those shoes…. 🙂


    • fabuliciouscupcake September 18, 2011 at 1:15 am #

      Hey Coco! Even though you are empty handed, keep an eye out online or at your local store. There may be some returns and Target may bring a few pieces over the next few months. Yes, I am totally in love with the shoes…they are super comfortable. Thanks for your comment and I hope we will continue to hear from you. 🙂

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