Best Makeup To Match Hair Color!

2 Sep

Finding the right make-up to match your hair will ultimately give you a complete balanced look. Hair color and makeup combinations go a long way in terms of achieving a overall stunning look. If you want a striking look, your makeup must compliment your hair color to bring out your best features. Never be unsure of the right makeup hues to sport with your hair color. Learn how to match your makeup and hair; no matter if you have brunette, blonde, red or auburn colored hair.



Brunette- Having dark hair and bold lips usually calls for playing down the eye color for an even look. Dark hair can handle brighter makeup and still look fresh.

1. Brunette eyebrow

2. Red lip liner to keep lips fresh all day

3. Red lipstick for bright and bold lips

4. Sparkle neutral eyeshadow

Blonde- It’s easy to go overboard on makeup with blonde hair. Substituting blush for rosy cheeks and bronzer will avoid a washed out look. Draw attention to your eyes with neutral shadows and liners. Matching eyebrow and hair color will make or break your look.

1. Neutral eyeshadow and dark liner

2. Pale pink lipstick

3. Black mascara

4. Soft blonde eyebrow color

Red- This color hair calls for deep color in the eyes and neutral colors for a subtle look.

1. Creamy lip liner for the lips

2. A splash of color for the eyes blends well with red hair

3. Natural color palette with a little shimmer for the eyes

4. Neutral matte lipstick and a little gloss for a balanced look

5. Rose blush to brighten cheeks

Auburn- Adding both soft color and allowing the eyes to be on the darker side really shows up the hair color for a balanced look

1. Highlight natural skin tone with tinted moisturizer or primer

2. A smokey eye is the perfect combination for auburn hair

3. Soft pink lips for a toned look

4. Cream blush for cheeks

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