Trend Alert “Dressed In My Birthday Suit”: NUDE

13 Aug

Hello Fashionista’s if you are like me and you read your fashion manual (WWD)  daily  you will know that we’re already geared up for 2012…. Time waits for no one and that is especially evident in the glamorous world of fashion… It is all about the color NUDE… Beautiful pale, peachy and nude colors are trending for next year… So this trend alert is all about the minimalist color NUDE.. I personally love to add nude pieces with black or extreme color to add an overall sophisticated, sultry look.. Here are a few looks I heart….



*pictures provided by

One Response to “Trend Alert “Dressed In My Birthday Suit”: NUDE”

  1. Hershey August 13, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    Studded I LOVE nude also. I agree with you when it comes to pairing nude with black, I Love it! I also like to pair nude with coral and peachy colors. It reminds me of the line in the movie Precious…”I’m Joanne and my favorite color is fluorescent beige”. Hahahahaaa

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