Like No Other, Dita Von Teese

31 Jul

With a Cherry on TOP!!!

If you take old Hollywood glam, mixed with two parts Burlesque, a dash of pin-up girl retro style and a pinch of sex appeal you will get DITA VON TEESE…. Dita was born Heather Renee Sweet and began her career with fetish and glamour modeling. Known and highly regarded as a tighlacer.  According to Wikipedia an tightlacer is someone who practices daily tightlacing; the wearing of a corset for long periods in order to reduce the natural circumference of the waist. Dita has a natural waist of 22 inches but can be laced fully to 16.5 inches!!!!!! Now that is CRAZY….

Dita has this certain aura about her that makes her a star.  It’s no wonder why she became so big within the industry of Burlesque. There is one act that Dita is known for all over the world. She performs a tantalizing striptease in a huge margarita glass…. All I can say is it is a SHOW to be seen!!! In the world of fashion Dita Von Teese is an icon. Her retro style and unique taste can’t be beat. With no further ado I introduce DITA VON TEESE.

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Pin-Up Girl Flow: Please Look @ The WAIST.. OMG

In a League of Her Own...

Such Sophistication

Bella Classique

Show Stopper..

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