Put a staple in it!

28 Jul

So I know that I always talk to you about what you should have in your pantry. There are some things that are staples and absolutely necessary to have in your kitchen at ALL TIMES! Especially for when we go on our own little food adventures.  I figure in doing this now, you can cut down on some of the extra trips to the grocery store when I share a recipe with you.

I figured it would be nice for me to give you a good idea of the pantry essentials.

I found a great article in the “Taste” magazine for food enthusiasts bought to us by the Culinary Institute of America. It gave a good breakdown of the things that your kitchen should be stocked with.

So get your pen and paper, it’s time to make your grocery list.

Herbs & Spices

Cinnamon (ground and sticks) ~ Mustard (dried) ~Black Pepper ~ Garlic (granulated)

Basil (dried) ~ Bay Leaves (dried) ~ Salt (table and kosher) ~ Thyme ~ Oregano ~ Parsley

Rosemary ~ Sage ~ Whole Nutmeg

Condiments & Pickles

Mustards (assorted) ~ Peanut Butter ~ Steak Sauce ~ Worcestershire Sauce

Barbecue Sauce ~ Jams or Jellies ~ Salad Dressings ~ Soy Sauce

Tobasco or other hot sauce ~ Ketchup ~ Mayonnaise


Butter ~ Cheeses (assorted)

Eggs ~ Milk


Potatoes ~ Salad Greens ~ Carrots ~ Celery

Garlic ~ Onions ~ Tomatoes

Meat & Poultry

Ground Meat (turkey, chicken, or beef) ~ Chicken Breasts (boneless, skinless)

Pork (loin or chops)


Sugar (granulated and brown) ~ Tuna, Chicken, Crab, and Clams (canned) ~ Beans (canned and dried) ~ Bread (sliced, rolls, pita, etc.)

Red Wine Vinegar ~ Rice (assorted varieties) ~ Cooking Wine or Sherry ~ Cornstarch ~ Stocks/Broths ~ Tomatoes (canned)

Balsamic Vinegar ~ Bread Crumbs ~ Vanilla Extract ~ Vegetable Oil ~ Baking Powder ~ Baking Soda

Flour (all purpose) ~ Honey ~ Olive Oil ~ Pasta

Kitchen Essentials

Knives (chef’s, paring, serrated) ~ Measuring Cups and Spoons ~ Saucepans (2 and 4 quart) ~ Skillets (5-7” and 9-12”)

Spatulas (metal and rubber) ~ Storage Containers ~  Baking Pan (9” x  13”) ~ Box Cheese Grater ~ Cookie Sheet ~ Cutting Boards

Vegetable Peeler ~ Wire Whisk ~ Mixing Bowls ~ Salad Spinner ~ Can Opener ~ Colander ~ Thermometer ~ Tongs ~ Wooden Spoons

Now that we are all stocked, we can get back to work?

See you same time next week.

*Hover over pictures for credits.*


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