Trend Alert: Just One Of The Guys…….

12 Jul

As women we are always told to be “lady-like”. Well this is one time being like one of the guys is okay. Personally I feel there is nothing sexier than a woman in men’s clothing. It’s like when you wear your boyfriends favorite tee-shirt; that ultra sexy way you feel… Yeah its like that! The look is simple and clean. Think boyish looks mixed with minor details such as cuff-links, handkerchief, and a bow-tie. Remember ladies,  guys don’t over accessorize however you can still mix your feminine grace with the masculine designs. Here are a few looks I like….

First two photos provided by



The Oversized Sheer Blazer is a Nice Play on Femininity and Masculinity

The Beige Button-Up Paired With The Lace Bow-Tie is a Nice Touch

Coco Chanel Was Ahead of Her Time Check Out The Page-Boy Cap

Janelle Monae Always Represents With Her Unique Sense of Style

Ashley Olson Looks Super Chic in Her 3-Piece Suit


One Response to “Trend Alert: Just One Of The Guys…….”

  1. Michiyo Hongu July 15, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Hi! I’m Michiyo who is taking same class at FIT!.
    Thank you so much for letting me know your blog! I really like it!
    I prefer boyish style than girlish! 🙂

    And, i just want to say thank you! Because you sometimes helped me in the class! I was really glad!
    I will keep checking this blog! See you on tuesday!

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