The Man Behind The Designs…..

12 Jun

I rarely get lazy days but when I do I like to catch up on my TV watching…. I was laying on my couch waiting “This is It”…. The last moments of Micheal Jackson life has he prepared for a concert of a lifetime. There was so much thought put into every meticulous detail of that concert. I am dis-heartened that it never came to pass because I am sure it would be the most talked about event ever! MJ was a genius in everything that he did. He was truly an Icon is both music and  fashion and will be greatly missed!

As I watched in such awe they introduced his costume designer “Zaldy”. When I saw the sketches and creations that Zaldy created, I was completely memorized! I mean his work is amazing to say the least. It peaked my interest to discover who exactly is Zaldy….

Zaldy Goco is a clothing designer who began his career as a model for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Paul Gaultier. He was trained at fashion’s top prestigious School’s Parsons University and my alma mater Fashion institute of Technology.  He was the visionary behind Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B but made his mark as the costume designer behind Micheal Jackson’s “This is it” tour and Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour. His work is intricate, detailed and simply breath-taking. Keep your eyes on him I wouldn’t be surprised if he is raised to the level of fashion hierarchy.



Zaldy for MJ

Lady Gaga wearing a design by Zaldy

The designer himself... Zaldy

Zaldy for "This Is It" tour

Zaldy for MJ


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