Half the Meal is Eye Appeal

9 Jun

Proper Plate Presentation

We all know that the way that we “shop” for food is by its looks. If we went to a restaurant and our food was slapped on our plate any old way and looked like slop, we would feel gypped and probably lose our appetite.  How our food is presented to us makes a big difference in how much we enjoy our meal.  I mean I am a person that is more about taste and texture than anything else, but I have to admit that half the meal is eye appeal.

Poor Plate Presentation

So to all my foodies out there that like to entertain guests at their homes, here are some tips to “proper” plate presentation.  I hope this will help you out.

There should be a balance between overcrowding and leaving large gaps of space. The food should not touch the rim of the plate, but doesn’t have to be confined to the center of the plate either.

There should be a focal point.  What is the eye going to be drawn to? Design the plate so that there is a high point.  The high point should be to the center or the rear of the plate.  Try to steer clear of putting things of equal height around the perimeter of the plate leaving a gap in the middle.  The eye will be automatically drawn to the gap in the center.

The plate’s composition should flow naturally. For example, make the highest point the back of the plate and have the rest of the food become gradually shorter toward the front of the plate.  Slicing and fanning foods can attract the eye and help establish flow.

Tell me what you think.

😉 Hershey

2 Responses to “Half the Meal is Eye Appeal”

  1. George June 10, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    Foods do look appealing when properly arranged on a plate. Small arrangements always catch the eye. I guess that’s why restaurants go a great length to give us small foods well arranged on a plate. We forget to complain about how small the food is, because it looks good and yummy .


    • simplystudded June 11, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

      George I agree that eye appeal is very important! It makes the food taste that much better.

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