Trend Alert: Skirts!!!

29 Apr

While shopping the other day, I must say that I was more than impressed with the skirt trends this season. The colors are so rich, and the prints are so vibrant creating a fun festive feeling. Overall, it just makes you want to jump into the sunny weather and let those legs loose…. Can you feel the sun shining on your legs???? Imagine the warm, comforting rays of the sun!!! Hmmmmm…..

Below are some skirt looks for this seasons trend both long and short:

  • This look is from D&G and I personally love it!!! Ladies, you can get a similar look like this from H&M or Zara!

  • This look is from the Chloe collection, and I happen to call this look, the Ballerina skirt. I like that way it flows and its quiet elegant.

  • You can always count on Marc Jacob to give you a hot look. Please pay attention to the High Waist skirt here.

Be Blessed!


One Response to “Trend Alert: Skirts!!!”

  1. Tanishia June 18, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    I love the long flowy skirt. It is very flattering 🙂

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