Candace Coles!!!

8 Apr

Candace Coles

Here at SimplyStudded we have an intensive eye for Fashion, Food, and Music! With that being said I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with an inspirational soulful singer by the name of Candace Cole! For those of you who may not know who Ms. Coles is, she is a talented, bright, and intelligent singer who just released her first CD titled “FingerPrints”.  I was ultimately blown away by her talent and had to share with our Studded friends. Without further hesitation please take the time out to learn more about the person behind the beautiful voice…..Ms. Candace Coles.
Trish: Ms Candace Coles…Finally! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me! I really enjoy listening to your music!

Candace Coles: You’re so welcome Trish!

Trish: At what age did you start to sing?

Candace Coles: I started singing as a young girl – we all know the singing into the hair brush scenario and yes…that was me…lol I remember being in church as a small girl and they called me to the front to announce to the congregation that I was going to be a singer…I was all of 6yrs old… But I didn’t actually begin my singing journey until I was about 8yrs old. 

Trish: Did you take any vocal lessons to sharpen your craft?

Candace Coles: Yes, when my mother found out I wanted to sing she sent me straight to the arts school in my district- we moved to NC, and in the 6th grade I began The Durham Magnet Center for the Arts and later moved to the DC area where I attended The Duke Ellington School of The Arts. So from the age of 11-17yrs old I took classes in dance, music, and theatre.

Trish: I know you attended Berklee College of Music. What was that experience like for a soulful singer? Did it heighten your music passion?

Candace Coles:  I believe it allowed me to connect the skill to my talent. It also allowed me to gain strong relationships that have been pivotal in my music career. I made lifelong friends that just so happened to be super talented producers, songwriters, and musicians. So the passion has been there all along, I think mostly it’s allowed my passion the opportunity to shine.

Trish: Did you always know that this is what you wanted to do?

Candace Coles: Yes. My cousin always teased me saying she wished she always knew exactly what she wanted to do like I did. I think it’s always been in my heart and they say whatever you focus on expands so I’ve been focusing solely on my career for a Loooonnggg time. So it slowly but surely expanding!


Trish: I really love the tracks from the album, did you write most of the songs?

Candace Coles: I wrote all of them! I co-wrote with Gordon Chambers on track 5 – Nervous. It was a catharsis in a way – just getting out all of the emotions I was feeling as I approached this project…so it’s quite relieving to see the EP in complete form.

Trish: What is the inspiration behind your music? For example, I get zoned out listening to Nervous…the lyrics are really deep. Do Tell..

Candace Coles:  Well with the song Nervous particularly, Gordon came into the session and said “How do you feel about your career and where you are right now?” I replied ” Well, I’m nervous, but I’m optimistic, it’s not a negative nervous…its like when you know something big is coming and you can’t sleep the night before…its a good feeling!” Then he dug in – asking all about my insecurities and how I felt about everything…I followed up with writing my thoughts – wondering how people who are legends conquered their fears… I ideally wanted each record on the EP to speak to the champion inside of all of us – so that we could have something to listen to on our journey to success. Most likely if you vibe with this song in particular it’s because you have a deep passion for something in this world and you’re sincerely nervous!

Trish: Who are some artist that you would love to work with and why?

Candace Coles: I love to work with people who are sincere and talented at what they do – be it songwriters, producers, and musicians alike. I find my collaborations only work with people who genuinely follow their hearts and don’t allow the “industry-pressures” to rule their work. That being said I would love love love to work with people like, Jill Scott, or Raphael Saadiq, CeeLo… simply, genuinely talented people that shine their own light… I don’t feel that any of them are a replica of any other person I’ve seen or heard. That’s what I love the most about them.

Trish: Are there any upcoming events for you in the tri-state area? If so, please let us know where.

Candace Coles: Yes! I will be performing at SOB’s this summer in NYC!!! Please tune into the site– I hope everyone can make it out…if you do want to come please contact us to get on our list for admission! I would love nothing more than to see all your shining faces in the audience – that’s what propels me to really perform!

Trish: Now you know we thrive on Fashion here at Simply Studded. What are some fashion designers or trends that you love this Spring Season?

Candace Coles: Ooooohhh yes! I must say I love Badgely Mischka this season for evening attire – the gowns I’ve seen have been exquisite! In terms of day-to-day, I have been in the market for fresh colors and comfortable wear and I see Mr. Marc Jacobs understands me this spring…lol I’m all about comfort, style, with a spark of fabulousness! 
I own a pair of Silver Diamond Manolo flip-flops that just about sum up my fashion sense…Fabulously comfortable! So this season like most seasons, my friends will tell you – I bargain hunt for color and anything flowery! But when the night falls – I adore these fabulous feathered Christian Louboutin (I have to save up for them) pumps I saw with a form-fitting cocktail dress- can’t be afraid to flip it… I feel that if nothing else there should always be a party on your feet – gots to have some shoe game! hahaha

Trish: What is some advice that you can lend to someone who is looking to pursue a music career?

Candace Coles: Now-a-days the only advice I can share is to be yourself, and create your own formula. The season of ‘fitting into molds’ is fading FAST! There are great people that have come before us and for that we can look to them for input but I totally feel you should find your own light and pursue it. Especially with youtube, and twitter, and vimeo – we now have the opportunity to build our own brands and broadcast it- without the restraints of a big business over haul. So I advise upcoming people in the music profession to first, know your craft, perfect whatever you do- be it writing, performing, producing, managing etc. – and know that it’s in your heart first (meaning it’s a passion and you’re not just following a fad).Then, when you build the necessary strength in your craft – begin to share it with the world! I wish much success- especially to those who were BORN for it- the bottom line is…follow your dreams, use your heart and your feet will follow!

We there you have it people!! For more information, please check out Candace’s website

Below is a link for the song  Nervous off the Fingerprints Album….Tell me what you think!

Be Blessed,

6 Responses to “Candace Coles!!!”

  1. Ki April 8, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Love this article!!! And I love her voice! I listened to some tracks and I love “Fingerprints”!!!!

    • Trish April 8, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

      Ki you have to come out to her next show. She can really sing and knows how to move the crowd.

  2. Ricee April 8, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Nice..good job Trish.

    • Trish April 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

      Thanks Ricee 🙂

  3. Tanishia Faustin April 9, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    Candance is Awesome. You can feel her spirit thru her music. Trish good job on capturing the essence of Candace

    • Trish April 11, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

      Thanks Tanishia, hopefully you can come out to the next show.

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