Limitless Creativity…. Mariela Zapata!!!

27 Mar

I had the opportunity to meet with Mariela Zapata, founder and CEO of Zapata Designs.  She is a talented young woman from Washington Heights in New York City.  We at SimplyStudded love spotlighting designers who are adding spice to this world and she is doing just that!

Mariela has a beautiful handbag line with designs that have been seen in the hands of Hollywood sweethearts such as Kay Cannon, Kate Baldwin and Victoria Clark.  I know you all are sure to fall in love because the designs are absolutely breathtaking!  I cannot wait to see what else is in store.  And because I love sharing with my fashionistas.  Enjoy!


Ki: Who is Mariela Zapata?

Mariela: Who is Mariela Zapata?!  Extremely in love with her collection that she just launched.  An authentic, passionate woman who is in  love with creating what she envisioned, showing it to the world, and having her pieces transform women’s outfits into something unique and beautiful.

Ki: What led you into designing accessories, as opposed to shoes or clothing like a lot of other designers?

Mariela: I do handbags now, but I also design shoes.  However, what led me to accessories is because for me, accessories are the final touch to an outfit.  It identifies a persons individual taste and sense of style.  So, my love and interest for accessories is to define a woman’s style through my design and her choices in my accessories.

Ki: So I know you are from the Dominican Republic, how does your culture affect your designs and inspiration.

Mariela: A lot affects it in terms of the vibrancy, the charisma, the music, the color, the food, and the beach.  That warmth, that sense of love, that melody, that rhythm behind my culture inspires me.

Ki: I have many friends from the Dominican Republic, and I must say the culture is beautiful!

Mariela: Thank you!

Ki: One celebrity who was spotted wearing your designs was Kate Baldwin.  Do you have any other celebs that you would like to see wearing your designs?

Mariela: To wear my designs, I would love to see Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Saldana, who actually shares the same cultural background as me.  Also Nicole Kidman, who is very chic, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Anniston , and Jessica Alba.

Ki: A lot of Fashionistas!!!  So when designing, do you listen to music?  What is usually playing in the background?

Mariela: I listen to music!  I’m very inspired by music!  I listen to a lot of different types of music.  I love world music, but my favorite is Sting!

Ki: Niceeee!  Well I know you are an Uptown girl!  Has the culture influenced you?

Mariela: Yea, absolutely! The edginess of growing up in Washington Heights.  Being raised in New York.  That edge, the diversity in terms of how I incorporate each different material and how I blend it with textiles and combinations of the different tones of each textile.  All those different components of Uptown and where I was raised now show in the details of my handbags.

Ki: Do you plan on expanding your accessory line further?

Mariela: Future wise my designs will expand into shoes, and belts, and different accessories.

Ki: Is there one quote that you live by, that inspires you, that keeps you motivated?

Mariela: Happiness is a journey, not a destination!  Just keep going and be very in love with what you do with yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Everyday be happy because we’re presented with different things. Life is so unpredictable, so enjoy everything you do especially if you are allowing your dreams to come true!

Ki: So “Happiness is a journey, not a destination”!

Mariela: Yes! Or “Fashion is my passion!” LOL

Ki: What else can we look forward to from Mariela Zapata?

Mariela: Right now, as you see, I have an evening collection.  We are working on launching a more casual line which is going to be AMAZING!  The line will have details focusing on woods and stones which will be the embellishments on the designs.  And future wise, there will be shoes and belts!  We will go into home accessories as well!  It would then pretty much cover every accessory in your world and life!

Mariela was truly delightful!  She is a beautiful young woman who is very passionate about her work. Her great personality shines through and it was an honor getting a chance to meet her!  She is definitely a designer to look out for!  To see more of her work and to make your orders please visit her website at

Here is some of Mariela’s electrifying creations… Enjoy….

Monaco Black Clutch

Barcelona Silver Clutch

Egyptian Gold Clutch

6 Responses to “Limitless Creativity…. Mariela Zapata!!!”

  1. Hershey March 27, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    These bags are absolutely beautiful! And I love the candid pictures!

  2. Ki March 27, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Yes the pictures are nice aren’t they! The bags are hottt as well! She was so much fun!

    • Trish March 27, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

      POW!!!! I really enjoyed the interview Ki! The bags are very beautiful. I need one in my life.

      • Ki March 28, 2011 at 3:12 am #

        Thank you Trish! I need one in my life as well:)

  3. Peaches March 28, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    I love your article about the bags. I never really picked bags like those, but now I’ll have to take another look at them. They are really cute and I have an outfit that needs a cute bag.

    • Ki March 28, 2011 at 3:16 am #

      Thank you Peaches! Her bags are lovely! And I’m happy to help:)

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