First Lady Approved….

8 Mar

Derek Lam for Ebay

So Fashionista’s if you have been following Michelle Obama then you know she is a fan of Derek Lam… Mrs. Obama has been spotted in Derek Lam’s designs many times showing that even the First Lady has to be fashion forward. With so many designers creating capsule collections there was no surprise that Mr. Lam would be next. I mean the man is only a favorite of a presidential wife… Hello people…. This is the best time for Mr. Lam to create a capsule collection.

Generally we have seen capsule collections done with H&M like the Lanvin and Jimmy Choo. There has also been capsule collections done with Target. Do any of my fashionista’s remember the late great Alexander McQueen collection for Target? Well lovelys Derek Lam took his capsule collection to new heights. He is offering 5 of his iconic styles on at a fraction of the price!  There was originally 16 designs but Mr. Lam kept it interactive giving costumers the option to vote which designs would make the cut.  The collection goes on sale officially May 9 and consumers can look to spend $175-$275.  Keep your eyes open for this collection at…



Derek Lam for Ebay


Derek Lam for Ebay


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